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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Grand Illusion

I finally had time to check out the final reveal of the Grand Illusion Mystery.  I have had so much fun making the pieces and trying to guess how they went together.  As with all mysteries, when you don't see what you are making you often get the colors or values a little wrong.  I think my dark blue was a little too dark and makes the quilt very busy.  I love the colors though, so I plan to rearrange what I have made so far to get a look I favor.  This is the way it was designed except I never made the center blocks so I put pieces together to form one I like.  The black little squares in the sashing forms a very nice pattern in Bonnie's quilt but mine is too close in value to the blue to get the effect she designed.

Here are some ways I have been playing with it.  I think the sashing would make a lovely border.

I am linking up with Bonnie's Reveal Linky Party.  I highly favor the quilts with light colors in the pieced sashing.


  1. Yep I like the top one....
    Even though the blue is dark it blends in

  2. I like the bottom one the best!! I've realized with doing this Grand Illusion quilt that my eye tries to find some order pattern in the quilt and too many colors/prints/patterns makes it just frustrating for me. I think the most appealing quilts for me with this pattern will be the ones that use the least number of different fabrics or at least the same values of the different colors. Thanks for sharing your ideas on changing the layout of your pieces. I've only finished Part I and III so far, so I think I will play around with my pieces too before I go any further.

  3. You have a few nice options for putting the blocks together. The hardest part might be deciding which you like best!

  4. I actually love that blue. I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide. I am sure it will be pretty no matter what layout you choose.


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