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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Deana: Tuesday Archives on Thursday: Fall & Irish Chains

Ok, so I'm only two days late for Val's Tuesday Archive Linky Party; I am happy she leaves it open a few days.

Her themes this week are Fall and Irish Chains.  

 My very very favorite fall quilt is my barns.  I designed this as a design challenge project for myself in 2011 for the DOD Mystery group.  It was a ton of work and even more fun.  It is still not finished.  Some times the brain needs a break from intense design.

Here are some close ups of some of the scenes.

 I named the red barn "Bud's Mootel" after my Grandpa Bud who was a dairy farmer.  
The silo has a gazillion half square triangles all paper pieced, but I love it.
 The flowers are all 3-D done the same way I did some of the horse's mane in my current project.  They are attached with French knots.

This one has not been added yet.  It is of a bridge in Bridgeland near my teenhood home.
 I love fall colors and my second Row Quilt Design was my autumn one.
Here are some closer photos of some of the rows.

I love autumn colors and this "Brown Bag" quilt was made in autumn fabrics and harvest themed stack-n-wack blocks I had laying around.  The idea behind this quilt is you gather up some fabric you don't care for and trade it for some one else's "brown bag of fabric" so to speak.  It was an online swap.  We then had to make a quilt out of what they sent us but we could add whatever we wanted to it.

This is the fabric I started with.  

 I felt like the pink did not go so I dyed it orange.

 This is what it looked like when it was done.
 I pulled some fabrics from my stash and found a design idea.  I had already made the stack-n-wack blocks years earlier and then went perfect, so they became the center of each star block.
 Here is the final quilt.

 The back is kind of crazy.  I just used leftovers.

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  1. Love! The row quilt is so much fun and I love the barn quilt. You never cease to amaze me!

  2. Thanks for sharing the fall quilty goodness! I really love how your brown bag quilt turned out - silk purse out of a sow's ear, right? I am amazed that you dyed printed fabric! It turned out perfect for the quilt, too. You are inspiring!

  3. Having seen the barn "mystery" quilt in real life, I hope you get back to it some day. Especially finishing the Bridgeland Bridge. That was a fun project, and a big learning curve from it.

  4. Wow, this is amazing. All of it. All so different, but the level of detail and technique is sublime. Love.

  5. Yah I leave the linky open a few days as I know we all have to search the linking takes a bit longer....oh many I love your barn quilt too and found myself admiring your Fall/by the row quilt too!!(Just love the turkey and leaves!!)


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