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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Deana: Machine quilting and sewing on scout patches

The very best part about yesterday was receiving this wonderful sewing machine in the mail from Cathy!  Thanks Cathy.  The colors are vibrant and the fabrics are beautiful.  The workmanship is superior.  I can tell that love went into this block so I plan to love it right along side my others.


My progress yesterday was slow.  I need to have this one quilted by Friday nigh,t and I am getting a little too close to the deadline.  I mostly have filler work and borders left.  I did not make this quilt but rather am quilting it for someone.

Why is it that we love to sew quilts but we don't like mending and such?  Well, last night when I had to change thread color a bazillion times, I remembered why.  I had to sew patches on my husband's scout shirt in preparation for a couple of leadership camps he is headed to.  I also updated my son's Scout shoulder banner.  He has earned his EAGLE SCOUT - yay!  I am getting it ready for his Eagle Court of Honor which is coming up soon.  He is most pleased with his horsemanship merit badge (top left).
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Ann T. said...

Congrats to Justin.
I just sent Paul to the Scout Office in Orem to get Ryan's Cub Scout shirt and manual. He will be 8 on Saturday, and is also getting baptized!

Cathy said...

I'm so glad you like it!!! I was really worried about that. These blocks have been so much fun.