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Friday, September 19, 2014

Deana: sewing machines, quilting, and this year's progress

Today I finally added the embellishments to these four little machines.
It is still not too late to join the Quilter's Garden BOM Swap.  Click the link to read the rules. It is a row quilt and we have over 30 participants.  All you have to do is make one block per month to swap with someone else in the group but you can swap more.  You can make other blocks for yourself that you don't have to swap.  WE are making a row quilt, but some members are just making a Quilter's Garden sampler.  Here is a link to September's instructions with photos of the fabric we are all trying to match.  Email me at to sign up.

Here are some blocks that have been made by group members so far:

I have also started some outline quilting on my last Windmill quilt.
I do have a pattern in the works for the windmill quilt.  Leave a comment or email me if you are interested when it is ready - about another week I'm afraid.

I had a little fun today stacking up and photographing most of the quilts I have quilted this year.  My goal was one per month and I have done it!  Yay!  Three are not in the photograph because they belong to my mother and I don't have them.

I am still progressing on my horse quilt although you can't see it in the photo.  I have been paper piecing the next ring around the outside.
Here are the pieces and fabrics I am currently paper piecing.  They are large pieces which, in opinion, are harder to paper piece than smaller ones.

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 This is a paper piecing linkup.  I designed and paper pieced the design around the horse and the sewing machines which have small amounts of paper piecing on them.


Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

Deana I like the embellishments on the sewing machines. That flower especially is perfect. Your other quilts are all so beautiful too.

Anonymous said...

Love the sewing machine blocks! How cute are they?

Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs said...

Oh my goodness, Deana! That Windmill design is awesome - love the colors you used! I would definitely be interested when you have a pattern written up. You should create one to sell!

Lorna McMahon said...

What a busy gal you've been! How gorgeous are all those quilts you've finished! I love that windmill quilt. So bright and fun!

Brenda said...

great sewing machines and lovely graphic pinwheel/dresden plate.

Michele said...

I just love those sewing machine blocks!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I love the flower you added to the pink sewing machine block. Your windmill quilt is wonderful! Is it hard?

Anonymous said...

I love those sewing machines, especially the pink one!

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