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Friday, August 8, 2014

Deana: Beautiful!!

Click this link to see a quilt called "Indian summer".  I just love to study it.  It is one of the middle pictures in the list.  It looks like it is a whole cloth quilt that has been painted.  I am dyeing over the machine quilting!

Below is today's progress on my buckskin mare.  Today I have added ears, another eye, and some mane.  I cannot believe the hours I have spent just turning edges under and glueing.  I am putting it away for tonight and doing something else because my brain is fried!  I am anxious to get a needle into this project and do all the hand applique.

I know the top of the head looks strange right now but it will be all covered with mane and hair (soon I hope).   

Linking up with Fort Worth Fabric Frenzy Friday

Also, I am letting people know that I am working on a pattern for my Windmill Quilt.  I will post a link to my Etsy Shop on this blog when it is ready.  Thank you for all your wonderful comments and interest in getting the pattern. If you would like an email when it is ready, please leave a comment and give me your address. 

Also, I am getting closer to launching the New Mystery Row Swap.  Details here.  Come join us.


  1. This will be a true work of art!

  2. wow that buckskin mare is awesome!!!

  3. I am interested in your windmill quilt pattern when it is available

  4. Definitely interested in your windmill pattern. Absolutely beautiful!!


  5. This will be just fabulous.Go less to go..Have a great week!

  6. Congratulations on your win for AYOLF! So fun to see someone I know. =) Love your windmills, so please let me know when the pattern is ready. dezertsuz at gmail


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