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Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekly progress report...

The above photo shows my accomplishments for last week:
I basted two queen sized quilts (Mom's Hexagon and Mom's sampler), one full (Becky's cowboy), a baby heart quilt, and a wallhanging.  Now it looks like I have some quilting to do.

I am pleased to have these done so I can put my Dorinda quilt on the frames now.  Once it goes on there will be no more quilt basting until it is finished.

I also made 6 Dear Jane blocks.

A-10 Which Points West:  I rotary pieced this block and then appliqued on top.  This poor little thing had to be done twice because I accidentally reversed the fabrics in the center and didn't like it.  Because of this error this block took me 2 hours and 20 min and has 10 pieces.  You can see the WRONG one in the photo below.  I think the finished one did turn out kind of cute.

A-11 All Pebbles Protest:  I entirely foundation pieced this one, but I used my own pattern rather the one in DJ EQ.  This one took me a half hour and has 33 pieces.  This block was pretty painless and fast.

A-12 Framed Fancy:  This one was foundation pieced and took one hour and has 43 pieces.   It was a little more intricate and some picking was necessary to get the points to match well.

A-13 Starlight Starbright:  I really LOVE the way this one looks.  I made my own paper pieced pattern which made it easier to sew.  It took me 45 minutes and has 29 pieces.

B-1 Bachelors Buttons:  This is my very favorite block in this week's work.  It was challenging to get the circles to be "circles" and to get them evenly spaced, but I think it turned out beautiful.  I traced the bottom of a spool of thread to get a perfect circle rather than tracing the circle on the pattern.  I then fused my pattern to several sheets of freezer paper to form a template.  I cut it out and fused the waxy side to the back of my white fabric.  Next, I trimmed the fabric around the circle with seam allowance and brushed on Magic Sizing.  I pressed the edges over the freezer paper template with my mini iron (LOVE THIS TOOL).  It made a nice, crisp, perfect circle.  I then removed the template, repressed, and lightly glued the circle to its position on the block followed by heat setting it with the iron.  The applique was hand stitched.  This block took 1 hour and five minutes and has 5 pieces.

B-2 Sweet Tater Pie:  This one took one hour, has 16 pieces, and is curve pieced from templates.  The bias stretched some but I think it came together nicely and will look even better once it is sashed and in the quilt row.

(B-3 is shown in the photo here but it was actually made the following week and blogged about in the next post.)

This week's Dear Jane total time spent:  6 hours and 40 minutes and 136 pieces.

Total Dear Jane time spent:  11 hours and 20 minutes and 330 pieces.

This is the wrong one that I had to redo.

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