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Sunday, January 31, 2010

You win the Levi war, Brenda!

Many years ago when Jim was still in college and we were first married, he and his sister Brenda had many Levi wars.  Basically, they would hide pieces of denim in each others rooms, suitcases, purses, pockets, etc... whenever they would see each other.  They each lived in different cities quite some distance apart, so this game went on for a couple of years.  Finally, Jim decided that I needed to make a Levi quilt for her so he could win the final battle, and he did.  If you look on the butt, you'll notice the words "You Win" stitched in yarn.

I had so much fun with this quilt.  I was very new to quilting and didn't realize that denim would be challenging to piece detailed blocks with because it is too stiff for a bunch of seams.  Sometimes our lack of knowledge pushes us to try crazy things.  Anyway, Jim helped me design this quilt by selecting blocks he approved of including a barn, tractor, bear, coyote, deer, cow, and farm house.  He then insisted that I sew the butt of the jeans into the middle.  I think I tied it with a crow's foot stitch in crochet cotton or yarn.

We had several of our own old jeans put into this quilt, but I shopped at D.I. to get the colors of denim I wanted for the various blocks.

Oh the memories.  You know, quilting is an expensive hobby but the hours and hours of pleasure I get from the fabric is so inexpensive compared to going out all the time.


  1. I have to say that this is the most creative denim quilt I have ever seen!! Really cool!!

  2. How cute. What a way to win the war. And what a memory for all of you. Very clever and creative.


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