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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

DJ's quilts

I just completed a couple more quilts and wanted to post them.

This is a 30's twin that is properly called an "Orphan Quilt". Ladies donate quilt blocks to Annual Meeting that they have no desire to put into a quilt. These poor little orphan blocks are then sorted by colors and ladies stay up all night long assembling them into beautiful quilts. You get your name in the drawing for every block you donate and every hour you work on the quilts. I won this one at Annual Meeting close to five years ago. You saw a part of it from a photo taken at Mom's back in October. I had to completely take it apart and square it all up. I just finished quilting it -- just traditional stitch in the ditch. My friend Deb bound it for me in trade for quilting two of her attic window Christmas wallhangings.

This is a close up of a block from Jessi's Christmas Quilt. It was my first ever stack-n-wack from several years ago.

This is the whole quilt. I'm not real happy with the way I quilted it, but it is done.

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  1. I love your quilts. You are a busy girl.
    I will have to take pictures of mine and add them, when I get time. I am on the last section of my first side, so I am coming along. I take it with me to meetings, so a lot of my peers are really interested in what we are doing.


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