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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Adding Pictures

So you don't want them with your post (text)? Did you want to add them on the right side in the green box like mine are? Do you want people to click on them to see them?

To do that you will have to open up an account at You will need to download it and upload your pictures there. You will have to make your pictures "public" rather than "private" to link them to the blog.

Once you get that far, go into the album with the pictures you want to show and click on "link to this album". It will show you the "Link paste". It will look something like Highlight it, right click, and copy it. Paste it into an email to me if you can or write it in the blog text in your next blog. I will create the link.

I wanted everyone to be able to do it but I cannot yet figure out how to give you the permission to do it. In the mean time, I'll do it.

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