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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

13 Aug 2008 13:08

I just want to be sure you are not doing Dorinda's quilt. We have scheduled to meet this year at Marie's house in SLC the first week in June. That gives us all plenty of time to complete it. Marie is doing a smaller virsion (51' square). Felicity and I are doing a full scale square virsion for our wall. Mom is doing a queen. Ann and Dorine, Marie's sisters, are also making it along with one of their daughters. We will have the applique' borders all done before we meet. In June we will get together at Marie's and paper piece the sunburst blocks.

If you will look at the Ira and Mamie Winkler book (the red legal sized ones we got from Carol), you will see the line. There is a photo of every person in our line back to Dorinda. Dorinda and Eliza's pictures are in the Dorinda book. I plan to put each person's photo on the back of my quilt with the pedigree chart.

Felicity and I are planning to make a display -- pictures, histories, etc... -- to sit beside the quilt. I think I'll do mine in scrapbook form logging my activities as I work on the quilt. I am also going to include a history of each person in the line. All of the histories are already in either the Dorinda book or the Ira and Mamie book. Grandpa Winkler's updated one is in his book we got when ViKi did the balloon birthday.

Anyway, I don't want to coerce you or anything. I just wanted you to know at what scale this project is turning out to be. If we begin in September, we would have to complete one side of the quilt every two months. That is not too bad.

I haven't been this excited about a project in a long time! Marie, Ann, and I have been emailing all week about it. Mom and I have been on the phone all week about it. Well, I'd best quit jabbering.


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