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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

13 Aug 2008 10:05


I'm sorry, I just assumed that you had the book. It is called "A Quilt for the Promised Valley" and it has the picture of Dorinda's "Sunrise in the Pines" quilt on it. It does have more history in it and it also has the Sunrise in the Pine pattern. It is out of print I think. I looked it up on and could get a used copy, but they wanted about $50 for it then I found out that Ann had an extra one so I got it from her. She ordered them years ago. Dorine said that she has both books too.

The "Ode to Dorinda" quilt is a quilt made by a lady in Oregon who is interested in the artistry and complexity of antique quilts. The blocks are Dorinda's and the border is similar, but less involved, and the sashing is different.

I guess I'm also assuming that you have the book with the pattern for the quilt we are doing. It's called "Pioneer Quiltmaker", also by Carolyln O'Bagy Davis.

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