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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Lots of progress last week. Check it out.


Last week's progress:

1. Finish my last church block - ✅

2. Make two house blocks - ✅

3. Assemble Color My World -
It is finished and off to the quilter - yay!  I have made this quilt completely from scraps except for the background.  As for the background, it was just in my stash.  Here is proof that we can make lovely things from leftovers.  

I started this quilt in March of 2021.  Wow, it is finally getting close to done!

The next photos show a close up of each corner.  They are all a little bit different.

4. Make Week 3 Spring Mystery BOM blocks -

5. Make Week 4 Spring Mystery BOM blocks -

This one was a struggle, not making it, but choosing the right fabrics for it.  I started off with this choice and hated it.

Next, I tried this combination.  It is ok but didn't really go with the other blocks as well as I would like.

Since they are already cut and partially sewn, I may end up finding a better background to suit them and put them on the back of a quilt or something.

They look nice on white.

Here are the four blocks all finished and neatly pressed.  I realize this quilt would have looked so nice on a white on white background like the dots above, but remember, this is a mystery and I am using up my stash.  This batik needed a home and was the right yardage. 

6. Cut out Tula Pink Pineapple quilt kit - NO
7. Piece one Celestial Star - NO
8. Start planning how I want to arrange my Quilty Ladies and what other blocks I want to piece to go with it. -
The ideas are coming together.  It will be laid out similar to this only the blocks will be sewn into perfect squares.  I am also making little scissors to go with the stars somewhere.

Here is some extra fabric I have to play with as well:  pins and measuring tape.

9. Hand applique' the remaining Stashbee flower stems -

10. Piece my Dollar Building Block BOMs.   - STILL IN PROGRESS

I have 1/4 sewn together.  There are four different ones all stacked together.

11.  Exercise daily -
12.  Quit eating so many sweets -NOT PERFECT, BUT I DID BETTER

This week I hope to:

1. Make a Celestial Star
2. Make scissor blocks for Crazy Quilty Ladies
3. Finish the $ Building Blocks BOM for this month
4. Bind my Tulip Winnings Quilt.  It is just returned from the quilter and WOW, she did an amazing job on a very simple quilt.
5. Make Week 5 of the Spring Mystery BOM
6. Cut out Tula Pink's Pineapple Quilt
7. Hand applique' stems  
8. Eat healthy
9. Exercise daily

15 minutes to stitch update:  

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  1. Wow, you were the Colour My World Quilt. Your piecing is truly impressive

  2. I saw a lot of the Color My World pattern at the Paducah quilt show in April - there must have been 3 or 4 entered so many were stopping to look closely at it. I am thinking of purchasing the pattern. Yours looks good.

  3. Color My World is amazing! Just really WOW! Congrats on all the progress this week. You always have such fun projects in the works. Your Quilty Ladies is such fun. Good luck with the exercise and reduction in sweets goals, those are really hard to keep up with. If it helps any, it can take a while to ween yourself off sweets if you have a real sweet tooth. It took me a several months of effort to stop my cookies after dinner every night.

  4. Have you slept in the past week!!!!!!! Amazing progress on all your gorgeous projects.

  5. Oh that Color My World -- I love it. You've done a great job with it. Your Quilty Ladies are so spot on!

  6. fantastic projects! I see you are a list maker too, though yours does put mine to shame. lol
    Absolutely love your Colour my world quilt top. I love how the trees are done they look so pretty. feels good to use up stash.
    loving your 9 patch blocks too.
    good luck with the next week's goals

  7. All of these are fabulous, especially Color My World. It IS wonderful what is waiting in our stashes. I am so thrilled to see so many stash quilts you are making, and I think the batik is a wonderful background for the diamonds. The Dollar Building Blocks are very appealing, too. Everything is! Thanks for stopping by and reminding me that there are blogs to read!

  8. What gorgeous work. Color my World is just out of this world. We all want one now! On my wish list and great way to use some scraps. Love your quilty ladies too.

  9. Love all the colors! So pretty!

  10. I've been a bit absent - my laptop was having a hissy fit!
    LOVE the World quilt - anything houses and I'm lost . . .LOL... also love the faces...very clever !
    your mystery quilt is certainly giving you some challenges...

    Good luck with the next set of goals - esp the "eat Healthy" I need to do that - especially after the last retreat!

  11. I love the buildings in your Color my World. What a great quilt!

  12. I love your Colour my World quilt - and how you've made it your own. Gorgeous.


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