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Saturday, November 19, 2022

What's happening in my sewing room?

 A layout that I like was finally decided for Sand Dollar.  Units are made and ready for assembly.  Yay!  I finally really like this quilt.

Four tree trunks were hand appliqued as well as two tree tops for Color My World.  The other trees are glue basted and ready to stitch.

I started redesigning the skyscrapers into houses.  I had to cut the pattern out, tape it together, and resketch the lines where I want them.  A barn and a church are still in the plans in my head.

I needed a basket for a bicycle that will go on the back of my "For the Birds" quilt.  It has cute bicycle fabric, so the bike began to beg me to create her.  I made the basket from a Buggy Barn Pattern but removed the handle.  It is cuter with the handle, but a bike basket does not need a handle.  When you make one Buggy Barn block, you make three by nature of how stack and slash patterns are formed.  The extra two will end up on the back somewhere with the other extra blocks  made in this quilt.

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  1. You've been very busy. Sand dollars looks amazing.

  2. Wow you are making progress! Great job with the layout of your Sand dollar quilt. And your houses/trees look fabulous too - love the shape of the trees :-) I wondered how difficult it would be to convert the skyscrapers but now I see how you will do it - no worries. Oh yes, love those baskets too!

  3. The Sand Dollar looks great and nice trees with your houses.
    Cute basket for the bike..

  4. Beautiful setting for the sand dollar blocks! The bike baskets are all very fun and bright. Happy stitching this week. You've definitely got some fun projects in the works.

  5. Yippee! Taking your time with the layout and finding one you love is so worth it, don't you think? Who wants to work on a quilt they hate?!! Yowza! Color My World is really coming along - resigning the skyscrapers is brilliant. And adding a barn and church is just the challenge you're up to! Can wait to see where this goes next. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. That layout shows off your sand dollars well. Nice baskets. xx

  7. Am in blog catchup mode tonight, i also love your sand dollar quilt, great layout. Your colour my world quilt looks fantastic, I am in awe of how much you achieve!!

  8. Sand Dollar looks terrific, colour my world is stunning, interesting to see how you are changing the blocks.


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