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Friday, August 6, 2021

I Like Thursday #40!

Sorry to be late.  I was gone all day yesterday taking my little 3 year old grand out on her birthday trip with Grandma.  We went to the pool.  She and her brothers are moving 9 hours drive away and I am so sad to say good-bye.

I attended a retreat for work on Tuesday and had a great time.  We were put into random groups and had to photograph ourselves doing weird things such as tap dancing, yoga, on a boat, racing a stranger, etc...  I was nominated to ask a stranger to give me a piggy back ride.  HELLO - EMBARASSING!  I did it though.

Here is me on the back of a woman who served our meals at the retreat.  I don't even know her name.  We are both smiling though.  Doesn't the photo make you feel like we are lifelong friends having a great day?

I challenge you to make a stranger smile this week, but you don't have to ride piggy back!

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To Do Tuesday:

I didn't get To Do Tuesday posted this week, but I wanted to share my goal progress and set new ones anyway.

Last week's goals:

1. Some Windmill cutting ✔ - Yes more than half is cut

2. Some Road paper piecing - ✔ - Yes - they are done in fact

3. Piece the backing for Feathered Goose - ✔ - Yes, basted even and quilting has begun.

4. Piece two Masterpiece blocks ✔ - Yes

5. Fix Black border corners of  Diamond Hill ✔ - Yes

6. Sew binding strips for Feathered Goose ✔ - Yes

This week's goals:

1. Finish quilting Windmill

2. Make binding for Windmill

3. Attach binding for Windmill

4. Some Feathered Goose quilting

5. Make two Windmill Batik blocks

6. Make two houses

7. Piece some Masterpiece blocks

8. Work one hour per day on getting ready for school


  1. Congrats for all the successful tasks on your To Do list.

  2. That photo does look like you were having a lot of fun…

  3. Well done, you look like you are having a great time. Bit hard for your challenge as we have to wear masks when we go out. Maybe I should draw a smile on the mask??

  4. Sad that your family is moving further away. Lots of things on your todo list, hope it goes well for you. And you were certainly brave than me, great photo, so good on you.

  5. you are so cute and I want your plaid shoes!

  6. You are so adorable! What fun.

  7. Oh no….9 hours away? That’s awful! What a fun challenge you had! You do look like you are best friends.

  8. Hmmmm that's a weird work retreat...... Sad the family is moving far away......

  9. How are you? Where are you? Hope you and your family are well…..

  10. What a fun picture, sounds like a great retreat.

  11. Oh my goodness -- asking a stranger for a piggy back ride is like the complete OPPOSITE of all the social distancing we've been doing for the past 18 months!! You look like you were having fun. I'm sorry your family is moving away. I know you will all find a way to stay connected and make the effort to see one another in spite of that distance!


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