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Thursday, July 22, 2021

I Like Thursday #38

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I like lazy Summer days!

I adopted 2 kittens from a family whose momma cat died.  I was hoping my momma cat would nurse them, but she didn't.  I ended up bottle feeding them for a few weeks.

Now momma cat and her 5 kittens have welcomed them into the family, and she is nursing them when they are old enough to not need it.

Here are a few of the cuties in a flower pot and one underneath peeking through a hole.

I found a couple of funny signs online that made me smile.

Wish I would have used this "grounded" idea with my kids.

I also think parents these days should play the disconnect card as needed.

I have not worked on masterpiece this month, but I was visiting my friend last week and finally got a photo of hers.

This one is hers - all finished from a few years ago.  I fell in love and just had to have one in similar colors.

Here is mine with the left side blocks turned wrong (not sewn together yet though) and a few more rounds of blocks left to piece.  It is not laid out properly because I have not yet made the blocks that go before the rounded log cabins.  Mine is definitely darker than hers, but mine is 100% from scraps.


  1. Wow! Both projects look amazing. When it is finished yours will look just as good as your friends.

  2. Those kittens are super cute. The earning points idea is is disconnect. I was the evil mother who on occasions took phones away,they were late teens by that stage 😁 both those quuktsbare amazing.

  3. sorry for the spelling mistakes!!!

  4. I LoVe this quilt... & watching it's progression...xox

  5. OH my gosh I love that grounded list!!! What a great teaching tool! And yes please, to Liam Neeson, however it happens. Your quilt is astounding!

  6. Super cute kittens and amazing quilting eye candy has made my Friday morning. You can now bring on the day I'm ready for whatever is thrown at me.

  7. Masterpiece is beautiful. You will get yours done.
    Ground is a great idea.

  8. The grounded list is pretty good, wish I'd thought of that. Though to be honest, I don't think we ever had to ground the SIT, we canceled a few sleep overs due to unbecoming behavior. I can see why your started your version. Both quilts are really stunning.

  9. Wow! Masterpiece is a fantastic quilt! Whoo hoo! That's a lot of kittens running around but so cute! Have a great day!

  10. The kittens are cute. Are you going to keep them all? I love the Grounded ideas. Too would never work. I can’t believe how much work is in Masterpiece. The name is so appropriate. Just one more round to go…….You’ll have it finished in no time….

  11. I can see why you fell in love with that quilt! It is gorgeous.the kitties are so cute. Love the list! My mom used to have a similar idea. We had to draw a chore our of a glass jar when we got in trouble or fought with each other.

  12. Wow, that MAsterpiece quilt is stunning, look forward to seeing you finish it, one day!

  13. Your quilt is looking great...... It's great to see the other one that's finished also...... Goodluck


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