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Thursday, April 22, 2021

To Do

To Do Tuesday - Last week's goal progress:

Quilt Black Memory Round Robin ✔

I just did loops and simple outlining.  It is nothing special but done.

Baste Barnyard - nope, but I pieced the back and loaded it on the frames.

Bind Black Memory - nope.  It wasn't quilted yet.

This week's To Do:

1. Bind Memory Round Robin

2. Baste Barnyard

3. Begin quilting Barnyard

Here is the back I pieced for it from leftover blocks.


  1. Congratulations on the finish!

  2. The school and school bus in the top quilt is so cute. I love the way you used the extra blocks for the backing piece.

  3. Your Black Memory round Robin is superb!! So darn cute...I love the schoolbus with those faces...lovely work hugs, Julierose ;)))

  4. The block memory quilt is great and I like the way you used up your extra blocks on the backing of the Barnyard quilt...
    Well done !

  5. well done on the finish, the quilting looks wonderful.

  6. I love seeing your quilts. They are all so different, one from the other, it's hard to find your signature look, but I love that! Don't you just love the way everything perks up against a black?

  7. That little school bus is so sweet! It makes me wanna sing about the Wheels On the Bus Go Round and Round... :-)

  8. You did a wonderful job on you black memory quilt. I love how you quilted the tires — brilliant! There are some great blocks in it too — wow for the 8 pointed star and the cute monster.


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