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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

I Like Thursday #14

 Check out LeeAnna's "I Like Thursday" links here.


Sorry, the photos are not too good this week,

This week's likes:

1. Zoom Story Time with my grands

I have done it twice in the last week, and the kids have really enjoyed it.  I hope to continue on a regular basis.

Here is one of the stories they favored...

2. New quilting rulers arrived in the mail!  I really like to buy Westalee rulers because they sell them thinner for low shank machines like mine.  I just cannot use a 1/4" ruler around the back of my hopping foot.  Westalee also sells rulers in the normal 1/4" as well.  Getting these babies in the mail gets me excited to use them!

I bought a wreath pattern in two sizes.

I thought I would try out echo guides.

Here is a sample of a border I created tonight using the flower shaped rulers.


  1. I use the westalee rulers and also have the westalee quilting foot. It stays at the same height and doesn't hop.

  2. Lovely to be able to read to your grandchildren. Your new rulers look wonderful, love the flowers you have done.

  3. Fun with new toys! Looks amazing!

  4. That borer treatment looks wonderful Leann/Deanna. Great idea, thanks.

  5. ooooo those templates are going to be fun to use! Happy Thanksgiving week... thankful for you!

  6. Oh your rulers look awesome. I have been procrastinating quilting the quilt on my quilter. How fun to zoom read to the grands. I used to read every night to my grandsons, and now they are older they read all the time.

  7. So cool! I borrowed a friend's beginning set and now I am hooked on them. But really need to see them in action on a long arm.

  8. Just love Zoom as it's kept us conected and also meet lovely new friends.....
    WOW! those ruler work beautifully...

  9. I think you're doing a fabulous job with your new rulers! Beautiful!

  10. What a lovely idea to have Zoom reading time. I get it is a very special time for you all. One of the bonuses of COVID-19 is discovering all these different ways of connecting. (There have to be some bonuses) Have fun with your new rulers. They remind me of Spirograph.

  11. wonderful machine quilting, the new rulers work.

  12. Wow, you do make those rulers work for you. Hope you've been able to get in lots of quilting time this week.


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