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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

I Like Thursday #5 & Row Along has begun!

Wow!  What a week in my neck of the woods!  How was your week?  There has been good.  There has been bad, but we can always see the blessings even in the bad if we look for them!

Thank you L.A. Payler from Not Afraid of Color for hosting this positive Thursday linky!

1. I like that my little grand baby is on his way home from the hospital even as I type, after 8 weeks!  Literally, I am jumping up and down!  This is truly the highlight of my week!

I was able to add a photo after he got home.

2.  Great family weekend happened at my house:  my kids were all home!  Eating, laughing, playing games, and even rock climbing.

3.  I liked "loved" my two grands helping me shuck corn.  It is in the freezer now.

4.  I like:  more tomatoes canned.  I like that my husband purchased some canning lids this past summer before they were no more to be found in stores.

5. I like blessings among devastation... Do you remember this photo from my quilt retreat last summer?  It is my sister's cabin.  Well, the forest fire took it this week along with two more cabins on the property.  One of them was my parents.  You can barely see it in the back on the right.

Here is the blessing as quoted by my sister, "The cabins are all burned to the ground, but the most miraculous thing happened.  The pavilion was not touched, only scorched on one pole.  I feel so blessed!"

My sister is amazing!

This is the cabin that was in the previous photo.  It snowed after the fire.

This is my parent's cabin.

My sister's other cabin...

The three cabins were all the way around the pavilion.  It truly is a miracle that it is still standing.  Fire is certainly interesting in the path it chooses fed by wind and fuel.

6.  I like ROW QUILTS!  The 2020 "It's a Garden Party" row-along hosted by Seams to be Sew has begun!  My day will be Sept 15th, so come back next week for my free pattern!  There are even giveaways!  Also, in October I will be able to show the entire quilt I made from most of the patterns!
Most designers will only host their pattern for free for a week, so get them while you can.  

Here is where you will find them:

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Thursday, Oct 13, 2020
Show N Tell Day


  1. So nice to see you had a family gathering Deane, and that the little one is coming home. They all look so happy. Great to get tomatoes and corn in for the cooler months. So sorry to hear about the loss of the cabins in the fires, the weather is so strange, fires and then you get a fall of snow! We saw in the bad bush fires here how the fires took some houses and not others, seemingly with out reason. You and your sister are impressive that you can have positive thoughts about it. Keep safe.

  2. Looks like a great family gathering you had, and praise the Lord that your baby is coming home. Fire is indiscriminate on what goes and what stays. And yes we can always find a positive if we look, and blessed that no lives were lost.

  3. Oh Deane, I am so sorry for what your family is dealing with. That is so horrible. Hopefully they can be rebuilt without too much hardship. Some good news about your familiy reuniting with the babies. Such joy to share. I'll have a look in with the row a longs...

    Please know that we are thinking of your families. If there is anything we can do from afar I would definitely be in the front of the line. Please keep your spirits high and stay safe

  4. It's wonderful the twins are now together . Lovely photo of them ...
    What a great time with the family , such gorgeous grandies....
    Sorry to read of the loss of the cabins but thankfully none of the family was hurt...
    Stay strong and safe. 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  5. That’s the picture we needed to see...twins together. That’s GREAT news. It looks like a fantastic family week.

    Those fires have been so devastating. Thankfully, no lives were lost. Rebuilding is challenging, but exciting to see them all come to life again. That snow, however, looks like an insult!

  6. all the littles, and home from the hospital, yea! I love the shot of little girl in a denim jacket... great composition and attitude
    Your sister is better than I am about catastrophe. How sad to lose that lovely compound
    We had about 20 hours of snow this week, and luckily the storm veered a bit west to help put out the fires here

  7. Good morning,
    Oh that fire devastation just gives me the chills. It is an amazing miracle how that pavilion is still standing, untouched by the fire. Your photos of all of your grands are just fabulous. A big yay to your newest going home from the hospital after 8 weeks. You had some big helpers with that corn. How fun was that?! So much positivity in spite of losing the cabins. Your peeps remain - the rest is just stuff albeit hard to replace stuff. {{Hugs}} a bunch for all of you - prayers, too. ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. life, it continues with the good, the bad and the ugly. How smart of you and your sisters to keep the faith and enjoy the blessings scattered along the way. Glad that grandson got to come home and meet his beautiful family.

  9. I'm so happy to see pictures of your grandbabies! I love that t-shirt! Who's Who? LOL! The positive attitude of you and your family is an inspiration to me. Thank you!

  10. Such precious grandkids and so happy the little one is home now. How awful to suffer those losses but inspirational to find positivity about it all. Ups and downs will happen; the only thing we can control is our own reaction to it all.

  11. Happy that the littlest guy got to come! He will thrive now with all the love in your family! I’m sorry about the fire devastation, it’s so difficult to find positive among the ashes, but it sounds like that was accomplished! Prayers for your family!

  12. So many happy smiling kids. Lovely. What a shame about the cabins, but how wild that something survived intact.

  13. How great all the little grandkids being around and future rock climbers. Oh the devastation is heart breaking, but your sister is an awesome soul to be thankful and grateful. Love the pic of the littles helping shuck corn.

  14. Wonderful photos of your grands - so glad you got to have the family home! The fires that destroyed the family cabins are so sad, but bless your sister for finding something positive about it all. Hope they will be able to rebuild. Thanks for the info about the blog hop - I'm off to get caught up.

  15. So wonderful to be surrounded by your entire family! I'm so sorry to see the devastation caused by the fires. I hope the cabins can all be rebuilt.

  16. Loved the photos of the grandkids! You are so lucky to be able to see them in person! The fires are all breaking my heart and I'm keeping California and Oregon in my prayers these days! Love your blog! Take care and keep well!

  17. That is so sad about the cabins! We see so much on the weather channel but that really makes it real. I hope no one has been hurt that they know. Thanks for sharing the photos. I'll keep them all in my prayers. Hugs, Diane

  18. So sorry about the loss of your cabins! Those fires are really nasty this year. But I am glad for you on the pavilion. Those grandkid photos are too cute. Congrats on getting your little one to come home. I remember 16 years ago when my grandson was finally able come home after 3 months in the NICU.
    Stay safe .

  19. So sorry about the loss of the cabins, but the people are safe and that's the important part. Lives cannot be rebuilt, cabins can!

  20. Life brings us all sorts of surprises, good and bad. Must be hard for you all to loose the cabins. But it is so great the little baby boy is home now. Enjoy the time with the grand kids

  21. How lovely that the twins are home together now and what a lovely weekend. So sad the devastation that fires cause. xx

  22. Just wonderful your grandson is home..... So sorry to hear your sister lost her cabin...... It amazes me that there was the fire then snow..... It made the news here.....


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