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Thursday, September 3, 2020

I Like Thursday #4!

 Thank you "Not Afraid of Color" - LA Paylor for the weekly link up.

I like that our baby was allowed to come outside the hospital to be with his family for a photo.

I like listening to audio books:  A Woman is No Man

I am only about half way through.  This book really opened my eyes to a Palestinian culture  where women really have no voice, even in modern times, and even in America.

I like/love the phone call I received today to inform me that little man will likely be able to come home in the next few days!  Yay! Hooray!


  1. The twins are so small. I'm sure being held and some fresh air will do a world of good. I hope he comes home soon! That's exciting news.

  2. How awesome!!! Prayers it will go as planned.

  3. Wonderful news about little twin, nice to see he could come outside and be with the family. Love the little man in the big hat. 😁

  4. OMG how exciting.......this is wonderful that they can all be together for a short time to have that precious family much longer in hospital????

  5. That is fantastic news for all of you. Everyone will be so much more comfortable and relaxed. I am very happy for you

  6. That is such a great picture and the news of his discharge warms my heart. I know everyone will be happy to have him home.

  7. Oh how exciting that twin 2 is coming home soon ...
    Fabulous photos of the family with both boys....

  8. HOORAY that your little one #2 is coming home soon! Wonderful family photos. So glad that he is continuing to do well!


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