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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Longarm Learning and Midweek Linkies

 I am trying to get in the habit of quilting a little each week and linking up with Longarm Learning at  Cheeky cognoscenti.

This week I dabbled with some of my rulers on Trail Mix.  I watch ruler work videos on Youtube and try to mimic some of their ideas because I find myself just doing the same old same old.  I need inspiration!  It served me pretty well this week, although I really don't have much to show.

I am also working on my NDC for August which is to glue baste the last applique' border on my Diamond Hill Quilt.  I basted some red flowers.  

I also got some hand stitching in on the same project while waiting outside the hospital.  I was able to watch one little man while his momma visited his twin brother inside.  Doing this for her allows her to come outside and nurse when he gets hungry.  While he takes a bottle and formula pretty well, she needs to nurse him to keep her milk because hospital boy really needs the most gentle thing on his digestive system.   Baby boy and grandma are not allowed in the hospital because of Covid.

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  1. What a fun filled busy week... so nice to spend time with your grands. Cute singing and baby photos..
    Nice new do !
    I hope you're not going up the mountain on the bike ?? 😬
    Great. Work on the quilting....

  2. Not only are you a huge help for mom, but you also get some great one on one time. I hope the little guy is getting closer to coming home. Your flowers are looking great. That’ll be a pretty quilt. Glad to see you playing with some of those rulers.

  3. Nice work on your quilting and what pretty applique. Sweet little boys. xx

  4. I can relate to your quilting--I need to look through books all the time to get new quilting ideas and stay out of the rut. But babies always steal the show!!! Adorbs!!!

  5. Nice work on the ruler work. Lovely photos of the twins.

  6. Your little ones are growing so fast it's a shame they can't all be together. It must be so draining for you an your family. I do hope this Covid is done soon so everyone can grow together.
    Once again your quilting and sewing is wonderful. It's lovely to be out in the open enjoying the fresh air.
    Love all the photos. How's Debs progress with tracing now.

  7. Your quilting this week is really interesting — it looks like you’re combining circle rulers with free motion? Those round circle swirl bubbles look really good. And your appliqué border is GORGEOUS!! And then you give us the Beautiful, Precious Baby pictures... My heart is full! I hope your family is out of the hospital and back home where everyone belongs soon, safe and sound.

    Thanks for linking up with Long Arm Learning!

  8. Love the border quilting. Kudos to you for trying new things, it is easy to get in a rut just to get things done. Hope the little one in the hospital is getting much better and will be home soon.

  9. Those sweet babies!!! I just love your appliqué project.

  10. Oh what sweet babies! I hope they are so home with momma. I love your willing and it looks inspiring to me! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.


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