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Thursday, August 13, 2020

I like Thursday #1 for me!

I recently discovered "I Like Thursday" at Not Afraid of Color.  It would seem that you write a post of what you like and then ask her to link to it from her blog.  I thought to myself that some "I Like" sunshine spread around the web would be good for us all.  Let's give it a whirl!

I Like moments from this past week:

Grand kids



I am a business teacher by trade, but a couple of years ago I was able to teach a quilting class to my students.  I just finished their quilt yesterday.

I also love serving and teaching in my church.  Myself and two other church "sisters" were asked to do a video to put on our church Facebook page.  We laughed pretty hard during the mess ups.  Here is a photo.

The Parade of Homes - my daughter and I went last week!

Favorite room:

Loved the windows and pillows:

Cool candy drawers just off the in-home theater:

Cool booths at the back of the theater:

Favorite flooring:

Favorite house:

My dream sewing space:

Audio Books and listening to the scriptures and spiritual talks while I sew

Here is a video about one talk that I am currently studying.

Fresh vegetables from the garden - today's picks except the corn, we bought it!

Going for motorcycle rides with my sweetheart - we went Monday night!


  1. Welcome to I Like Thursday!! It's a great group of supportive people, all trying to keep in mind, the small good things we find each week.
    Please let me know if you think you'll do a post each week, and I'll let your link ride!
    Your photos are wonderful... that show house... lots of room and great ideas but I like your corn photo best this time because it looks like summer in one little shot.

    leeannaquilts at gmail dot com

  2. Oh you've really shared lots to like and be thankful for! Please visit me again...I don't always post pics of creepy bugs! heehee! LOVE the grandkid photos you've shared and I'll have fun looking around your blog and quilts you've made! Enjoy your day!

  3. Hello and Welcome to the I Like Thursday Bloggers ... thank you for sharing your beautiful family and adventures with us. Your garden veggies look scrumptious. Those house photos are gorgeous and look so spacious, so much unlike my own cluttered little house. Most of the clutter, I admit, is my sewing and quilting and stitching supplies and stash. It may not be spacious, but is comfy and feel like home ... :) Pat

  4. Welcome to I Like Thursday! Your grandchildren are beautiful! I love the home theater. The candy supply drawers are so fun! I love the show house and the sewing space. My own sewing room is rather cramped. I end up using the kitchen counter since it's the perfect height for me. Whatever works! I'll take a look around your blog. Once again, welcome!

  5. Welcome to the I Like Thursday group. I enjoyed reading your post and getting to know you a bit more. Your grandkiddos are darling!

  6. Welcome to the I like Thursday group! Wonderful first post full of good stuff. I’m with you on the dream sewing room; lots to like in those house photos for sure.

  7. Welcome to our likes group. You have a fun blog. Lots of great family photos and food.

  8. Welcome to our likes group. You have a fun blog. Lots of great family photos and food.

  9. Welcome to I Like Thursday. Great list of likes. Grand kids are always a huge like/love! Fun rooms in the house tour, the old windows on the wall are fabulous. Yay for picked from your garden foods.

  10. Wonderful happy post Deane, great photos of your grand children. That show house looked huge, the pull is drawers would be a disaster for me!!! Always wo earful to have fresh from the garden foods.

  11. Well I made some bad spelling mistakes last comment!!
    The lollie drawers would be bad for me!! Spell checker is determined to change my words! And wonderful to have fresh foods!!

  12. Welcome to the group! I'm so glad you joined us! Your little grandson is quite the survivor! I enjoyed seeing his journey. Oh my! That bedroom is so lovely! And those candy drawers! Yum! I'm glad you and your hubby enjoyed a bike ride! Awesome!

  13. Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Thursday likes group! I'm so glad you've joined us. And so many wonderful likes. All those fresh veggies and your grandchildren! How darn adorable are they?! I just adore the two in the kiddie pool - grass and all. Oh, sometime I would love to design a dream sewing space. Wouldn't that be SEW cool to even just think about?!! ~smile~ Roseanne

  14. Welcome to I Like Thursday! I haven't been to your blog as much since Freemotion by the River stopped Linky Tuesdays. (So it's nice to see you again!). I need to now go look for your recent quilts! :-)

    Parade of homes looks really cool! I love the photo of your church sisters - I can hear the laughter.

  15. Welcome to "I like Thursdays". I'm not a blogger, but I regularly follow the gang on LeeAnna's I like link-up. A fun group with lots of variety. Your grands are adorable and that tour of the show house was amazing. Hope you keep posting.

  16. Welcome to I Like Thursdays! I really enjoyed your post. Those grandkids are adorable! Visiting the parade of homes looks like a lot of fun - I love thinking about how I'd move right in to those amazing houses!

  17. My Mom & I enjoy Parade of Homes too! Loved those candy drawers .... one of them should've held Atomic Fireballs! My favs! And maybe Tootsie Rolls too and M&Ms! Ok, I like candy and those drawers look YUMMY!

  18. I love your list of happy things! Thank you for sharing and joining us!

  19. Oooh, climbing and motorcycles. I couldn't get a hang of driving a bike, but I'm very good at being a passenger. I'd love to look out my window and see boulders. That room would be my bedroom or studio. Cheers! :-)

  20. So glad to have you at I like Thursdays!!! You've got a great list! I love seeing the kids you're quilting with, so cool. And that bedroom with the multiple (hanging!!) beds is super fun. I remember having some friends growing up who were four sisters that had a multiple orientation bunk bed room and I was always envious. Like a built in fort! Have a great week!

  21. Definitely a good "like" list. Your photos are gorgeous! That's quite a house from the tour.


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