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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Family time...

This past weekend we gathered with my siblings for some great family time at a pool.  The food was amazing, and I ate way too much!  I didn't take enough photos though.

I went rock climbing with my husband, sister-in-law, and daughter.  

Yep. That's me with a big smile.  I am afraid of heights but I am overcoming it!

Repelling down is the hard part for me.  It is hard to trust the rope!

A different day I tended kids while my daughter climbed.  I had  three of her four because little man is still in the hospital.  Isn't it amazing that my daughter had twins in May and is out rock climbing?  She says she has no core with the C-section, but she is building her strength.

Grand #2 and #4 had a birthday gathering.  The party had a drive-in-movie theme.  My daughter hosts great parties!  The drinks on the table mimic motor oil, antifreeze, and power steering fluid.  So cool!

The kids brought their toy cars to watch the drive in movie "cars".  So adorable!

Baby Boy is still at Primary Children's Hospital.  It has been three weeks.  He is still battling an infection.  Once that is under control he will be able to begin feedings again.  It could still be a spell before he comes home to his family.  Sadly, I will be back to school by then and won't be able to see him face to face with Covid.

Here he is with his twin.  I wonder if they miss each other.  Little Mr. Sick on the left was caught smiling by his mother for the first time.


  1. What a wonderful weekend for you, great to spend time with the family. You are good with the rock climbing, I don't think I could do that!! The birthday party was a great idea. I hope little twin comes home soon and is in much better health. Lovely to see him smile.

  2. Love the party theme. You are very brave to rock climb - I would be the one standing at the bottom looking up. Healing wishes for little twin - such a gorgeous smile. Hope to see you Sunday.

  3. What a great time you had and such cute little ones. Fab party! Do hope the young man in hospital comes home soon. xx

  4. You are much braver than I with those heights!!! Makes my knees weak. So glad you had such great family time. I hope the twin fights off this infection and gets home where he belongs. It will be interesting to see the two of them together again. Precious smile!

  5. forgot to ask about your sick they are so alike are they identical.......I can't remember what you said......lovely you could spend time with the well twin so mum could go to the hospital.......I do hope he is home from hospital soon......
    Also I did abseiling in but that will do me.......


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