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Saturday, June 6, 2020

AFter FNwF AND Quilter Zoom Party - was so fun ladies!

Yesterday was fantastic getting to meet new quilters online and talking to old blogger friends for the first time at Chookyblue's birthday party.  Chooky, thank you for hosting and accepting me!

For the FNWF go here to see what everyone else was working on this weekend.

Some of you asked about the Garden Party Row Along.  Here is a link to previous year row alongs, and this year's badge.  Watch for it in September.

I started a new project called Trail Mix by Maybeth Oxenreider during the party.  I found the pattern in American Patchwork & Quilting June 2004 issue.  Someone in the zoom group named Holly just so happend to have made and finished one as well.  It was so fun to see her pull it out.  Janice in the group googled it and found a free pattern.  She is considering doing it.

This is what it will look like.  We made this as a round robin for my sister-in-law a few years back.

I started cutting pieces and organized them by blocks into baggies.

This is how far I got on the sewing.  I decided cutting would be easier for me if I made at least one of each type of block first.  I still have two more to make.  This quilt will be made entirely from my scraps.

I also cut pieces for my Omigosh quilt.  I made one for a friend many years ago (a wall quilt size), and put the leftover blocks away to make my own someday.  It is not much, but it is a start.

My daughter texted me this week a fun little memory to share.  One of her old dresses was starting to wear on a sleeve, so she cut it up and made a dress for her daughter out of it.  Isn't that a cute story?  I am thrilled that she has found a love of sewing!

Photo:  Daughter wearing the dress when it was new.  She was in junior high.

I just have to add photos of my grands this week.  

Twins:  no new update.  They are still in the hospital.

The big brother and sister to the twins.  The little boy just turned 3 this week.

During the party last night my neighbor, Michelle Birch, dropped in bearing gifts.  It was kind of late, but she saw my lights on.  She crocheted around the edges of bibs, blankets, and burp cloths for the twins.  She was so thoughtful as to even select fabric with "peas in a pod".  I think it was such a thoughtful gift!  She even crocheted in X's and O's in the pattern!  Michelle told me that one of our dear sweet friends, Millie Maki who we lost last year, did the hemstitching around the edges.  These are so so special to me and will be to my daughter as well.

As I opened them again this morning I realized that there were two burp cloths and two bibs for each baby.  Wow!  


  1. It was lovely to meet and chat with you in Chookys Zoom party.
    I'll bookmark your blog and hope to keep in touch.

  2. Wha a fun night and what sweet gifts for the babies. And I love the dress redo!!

  3. We did have a good night. That is such a lovely idea for the drsss. Both photos should be treasured. Your grandies are so cute. Love the oversized hat too. What a sweet gift from your neighbour. Hope you have a great day sewing some more. I think you may have started something with you Trail mix.

  4. It was wonderful to meet you and seen what you are making at the Chookshed party , I will also add you to my reading list to keep in touch. I enjoyed reading your post, your grandies are beautiful, the remake of the dress is lovely. Looking forward to seeing your Trail Mix quilt develop..I am anticipating seeing some here in Aus too.

  5. It was great to met and chat with you and many other new friends... will also follow your blog....
    That Trail Mix does look interesting ??
    Your daughter did a lovely job of the remake of her pretty dress, both photos are special.
    Such gorgeous grandies .....

  6. Wow what a fun time you all had at chooks party,I love how your daughter has recycled her dress ,both girls look so pretty in it. Your work is lovely ,well done.what special gifts for the twins ,they will be treasured.xx

  7. Hello Deana. I dont think we got to meet yesterday which was a shame. The quilts you are working on are lovely. What gorgeous grandchildren you have and I just love the little dress your daughter made. xx

  8. Oh your party sounds like fun!! and all those precious babies... they just make your heart happy don't they!

  9. Your daughter did a great re-make on the dress. Gorgeous gifts from your neighbour for the twins. Love the chosen fabric. Good luck with those blocks.

  10. it was so much fun - I'm sorry I wasn't able to sit in for longer...though I made a good stab at it on Sat night!
    Love the Trail Mix and OHMYGosh...great stash buster projects....all your grandies are just so cute - esp madam up on the chair! Good to have a daughter who can follow in your steps.
    All the best to the twins

  11. Funny to see my friend Raewyn on the photos from Chookys zoom party... she is also making an omigosh quilt which looks like a wonderful scrap project, if not somewhat time consuming! I also love the fourpatch quilt you have started, looks like a fun variation.

  12. Hello Deane,
    it was wonderful meeting you at Chooky's party. You have wonderful projects on the go. Thank you for sharing.

  13. The remake of that dress looks great, and you are certainly one busy lady

  14. It was a delight to meet did well with the trail mix and I think you got a fair bit done considering all the chatting we did........

  15. Lots of "good news" in this post... xox

  16. Glad to hear the twins are doing well. Hopefully they will be out of the hospital soon. Looks like you've got some good projects going to use up some of those smaller scraps. Lots of fun stuff to stitch on.


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