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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

June Freeze means - cover the garden AND To Do Tuesday

To Do Tuesday Report:

1.  Finish the travel bag.  ✅ - Love it!  This was my ONE MONTHLY GOAL!

2.  Put borders on my Barnyard Quilt 
3.  Piece a back for one Barnyard Quilt 
4.  Baste a Barnyard Quilt - no but I basted a different quilt 
5.  Sew 5 outer rings in Feathered Goose ✅ -  I sewed almost double that, finished them, and started on the center unit.

6.  Work on my Christmas Row quilt - fail
7.  Begin machine quilting any quilt ✅ -  I started quilting my memory yellow round robin

Choosing the thread color is a fiddly thing for me sometimes.  I do love this Fantastico brand though. 

This week's Goals:

1. More Quilting
2.  5 more center paper pieced units in Feathered Goose

Here is a pretty stack of what is done so far.

Here are my friend's pretty

3.  Make a few Trail Mix blocks and cut more pieces.  I did add some pieces this week.

4.  Select and sew one row in the Garden Party Row Along
5.  Move rocks back after having to cover the garden to save it from a freezing night

This is what covering the garden looks like.  Buckets over the plants with rocks on top then tarping the whole thing.

Trucks holding one side of the tarps down.  We get crazy winds here.

These are some of the rocks  I have to put away.

6.  Weed the garden
7. Clean up the areas where my husband sprayed to kill weeds around the rock steps.  He built them for me!  I hope to add some potted flowers.

Front steps...

Back steps need cleaned too...

8.  Pick out my whale block and flip it around.  My friend noticed that it was dead on its back.  

9.  Piece a back for this quilt from leftovers..Here are some leftovers I have started on.

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  1. Your whale might be just playing and floating upside down 😁😁, that is an great looking quilt. Your travel bag is great, love your paper pieced blocks, yours and your friends are so pretty. Y9u have a lot on your to do list! There is always something to be doing outside isn't there, good luck with all the gardening.

  2. Great bag, they are a lot of work, and your Feathered Goose is looking good. A lot of work to protect your garden, how often do you get a June freeze? Lots of work to do in my garden, which has been sadly neglected as of late, but do hope to remedy that soon.

  3. WOWEE! You did great on last week's list. So, so, SO many checkmarks are just fabulous. I'm sorry you had to cover the plants, darn it. Beautiful steps - they will look so pretty with a few flowers lighting the way. Feathered Goose is coming along so nicely - good job on starting the center unit. Thanks for linking up at To-Do Tuesday this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. You got a lot done this past week and looks like a healthy list for the coming one! Wow those Feathered goose blocks are fantastic!

  5. Wow your bag is amazing love the fabrics and boy you sure have been busy,your work is beautiful,well done,hope you enjoy your gardening xx

  6. Wow your bag is amazing love the fabrics and boy you sure have been busy,your work is beautiful,well done,hope you enjoy your gardening xx

  7. Congrats on all the check marks on last weeks list, good luck with this weeks' list. Your Goose blocks are so cool. I had a good chuckle at the comment on your poor dead whale block. Glad you caught that before it was quilted! Have a great week and weekend.

  8. MY word - what a productive girl you are - love the whale - glad you are righting him....It looks very dry there. ... most of our country has been in drought for years.

  9. I'm worn out just reading what you have achieved in a week , well done...
    Love the Feathered Geese pattern but it looks tricky...
    Good luck with this weeks goals..

  10. Lots of lovely projects on the go. Great job on the bag and good luck with the gardening.

  11. What a lot to do - and done! Well, I love the bag, just perfect for travelling and I am intrigued by your Feathered Goose - looks amazing and very intricate. What a faff having to cover all those plants - hope you dont have to do it often. xx

  12. Oh wow, so many beautiful projects going on. Wonderful work. I love the stone steps, they look perfect.

  13. Wow, lots of beautiful blocks and projects and views!!

  14. Wow! Those are some fascinating block pieces and I can't wait to see how they come together. Do keep us posted!

  15. Great looking blocks in this post...the whale, frog & others... but I LoVe your Feathered Goose. Hope you made it to FNwF again...xox

  16. Love your projects so much, especially the Feathered Goose blocks because they are so bright and cheerful. I'm not sure the whale block is upside down but I'm not sure it's right side up either. I'm sure you'll get it sorted. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  17. Great bag! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.


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