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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

15 Min to Stitch and To Do Tuesday

It has been a pretty good week.  I got to meet my grandson for the first time and hold him -yay!  He came home on oxygen but is doing well.  He is so little!

I managed to sew every day (Mon-Sat) this past week, and my YTD percent has bumped up a notch.

Here is my 15 Minutes report:

1. More Quilting ✔
2.  5 more center paper pieced units in Feathered Goose 

Paper Piecing is Messy!

3.  Make a few Trail Mix blocks and cut more pieces.  I did add some pieces this week.  fail
4.  Select and sew one row in the Garden Party Row Along 

I cannot show you what I am doing for real, but I can show a teaser.  I am pretty sure this does not give anything away.

5.  Move rocks back after having to cover the garden to save it from a freezing night 
6.  Weed the garden 

7. Clean up the areas where my husband sprayed to kill weeds around the rock steps.  

I planted potted flowers.  It was super fun!

8.  Pick out my whale block and flip it around.  

Whale is resurrected!

9.  Piece a back for this quilt from leftovers. 

This week's goals:

1.  Sew and roll binding for Alaska
2.  Sew 5 more Feathered Goose center blocks
3.  Cut Trail Mix pieces and sew at least 5 blocks
4.  Make one more row for the Garden Party

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  1. that's great to finally meet and cuddle one of your new grandsons... he's so cute...
    Boy you are amazing what you achieve in a week.
    The Feathered Goose is growing beautifully as is the Trial Mix....
    Lots of work in the garden and al the pots look lovely ...
    Stay well.

  2. Beautiful baby boy in grandma's arms, how precious. You have been busy and accomplished much. You are a Wonder Whirlwind Woman! It's amazing how much you get done. Those checklists help keep things sorted. I like the antique pullman's step with the planted pail on top. Blessings.

  3. wow you have been busy! lovely to meet the new grandie! loving your feathered goose quilt,its going to be stunning!

  4. I hope you got a photo of the whale up the correct way to show us. Love all your plants in the different pots, cans and all the containers.
    How happy do you look having that sweet cuddle. Just so adorable. I'm very happy for you all.

  5. I am also amazed at what you manage to achieve! Lovely photo of you with your new grandson. Your garden plantings in all the different containers look great.

  6. so much happening! how delightful to finally hold the little bub.

    Paper piecing is messy and a bit wasteful too...but ti will be a lovely quilt when done.

  7. Hi! Oh yes to holding your new grandson! How fabulous is that?!! I love that photo. I can see he has you wrapped around his finger already. Great job on your list and your 15-minute sewing/day. Thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. What a precious moment for you to have that special bundle in your arms. You have been busy in the sewing room and the garden.

  9. Fantastic you have finally met your grandson and that he is home. It is a lovely photo of you both. Paper piecing is messy but the blocks are stunning. The whale looks happy now 😁. Your planters look wonderful, great to have the splashes of colour.

  10. Just love Feathered Goose!!!

  11. It’s such a sweet photo of the newest little one. That “smallness “ will disappear quickly. It’ll be fun to have them both home. Hope mommy is getting some well needed rest.

    That Feathered Geese is just gorgeous. Paper piecing is messy, but I love the accuracy. Maybe the whale wanted to swim upside down. 😂

  12. What a little cutie! So glad he was able to come home and get to know the rest of the family. Congrats on all the stitching time, with all the other stuff going on that your stats are pretty impressive.

  13. I was having trouble seeing your Feathered Goose blocks as being the same as Judy's pattern. After studying some other quilts made from the pattern, it clicked with me. I have to say that your fabric choice in style in color is the best I have seen.


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