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Monday, April 13, 2020

350 blocks project! I just joined!

I have been browsing blogland today a bit and discovered the 350 blocks challenge.  It think it will be fun to keep track of the number of blocks I make each month and then do a year end tally.

Let's see what I have done thus far in 2020...

In January I made: 15

1 memory heart block
10 Buggy Barn Star blocks
1 Rapunzel 
3 Deer plus stars = 3

In February I made: 24

6 Buggy Barn Cat blocks
15 tree blocks
3 reindeer blocks

In March I made: 18

6 seal + stars = 6 blocks
3 fox + stars = 3 blocks
3 muskox + stars = 3 blocks
3 otter block + stars = 3 blocks
3 whale + stars = 3 blocks

Total through March = 57

I am linking up with Midweek Makers!


  1. Just catching up here after a social media break for Lent. Life has certainly taken a drastic turn in the last six weeks. I had to check to see if the babies had arrived while I was away. It sounds like you are a busy grandma with the little ones, but it is such a blessing for your daughter. Knowing that the children are in such good hands is a great stress reliever. I'm sure your sewing hours are limited, but I see you are all still busy as ever.

  2. That's a lot of sewing! I know those animal blocks with the stars are time-consuming. Everything you're working on is beautiful! Thanks for joining in on the project!

  3. I follow another friend that is also playing along with the 350 block challenge. So, you need to make around 29 or 30 blocks each month to meet the challenge at the end. That really doesn't sound that difficult, does it?!! Even the baby quilts I make are usually comprised of 5x7 or 35 blocks. Good luck! I look forward to seeing your monthly totals/summary rise. ~smile~ Roseanne


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