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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

E I E I O...

So, I have literally had this quilt on my living room floor for almost a week.  Last night I had it all completely finished except for two final seams.  I awoke this morning with a new vision of it, as I'll explain in a moment.  This new vision had me picking out many seams this morning for a redo.

I have really wrestled with this project.  It will honestly be the one I will ALWAYS remember as the trial project during a restless time of  all craziness.  Right now it feels like the whole world has kind of turned into a crazy barnyard with many voices clucking, mooing, oinking, meowing, and barking away.  Communication and cooperation is challenged.  This quilt tells that story to me right now. With that said, I do declare that I am very optimistic about the future and am feeling peace in my life.  I do have roller coaster moments of uncertainty, though.  

I want to document the strange things I have seen in this past week including the following:  young moms cannot buy diapers, wipes, and formula for their babies.  Missionaries are coming home.  Temples are closed. Borders are closed. People cannot go to church. No one can buy toilet paper.  Everyone stays home (where possible).  Me, teaching school from my home computer.  Calling neighbors, Grandma & a friend in nursing homes, friends, and family a couple of times a week to check on them.  I have a nephew serving a mission in the very remote Andes of Peru who didn't even know anything was going on in the world and will not be coming home yet.  My parents, sister and brother's families are not allowed to leave their county, and no one is allowed in because they only have two small hospitals.  I am making masks for hospitals and emergency responders.  My aunt is a flight attendant working hard to get stressed and nervous people home - prayers to her health.  My daughter is expected to be admitted to the hospital any day for a several month stay in seclusion.  I hope she and her babies will have the medical help and supplies they need when they need it.  My friend had to be transported over the mountain (2 hour drive) by ambulance from our local hospital to a larger one for surgery this week while her husband followed in his car only to be turned away once he arrived. Oh yeah, and we had a major earthquake in our state last week.  Our airport is still closed due to complications from that.  Personally, I think the airport closure is a blessing.

Just saying...the world is interesting right now.  I don't know about you, but I will really be ok with my old boring life back -- ha ha.  My students are even wanting to come back to school - really?  

In all seriousness, I am doing so so so good.  I have what I need and so much more!

Now, back to the tale of the barnyard...

I think I have decided to make this barnyard quilt into two quilts.  I just couldn't "love" it the way I originally planned it.  It just felt non cohesive no matter what I did with it.

This is what I think I will end up with for one of them.  I am thinking I will make a top border that says E - I- E -I -O.  Wouldn't that be cute?

The photos below show only some of the fabrics I had auditioned for the inner border before I finally settled.

Wide Purple

Cream with a skinny purple border

Batik Blue

Right now I plan to lay out the remaining blocks to see what I can turn them into.  Once I have decided on the second quilt's layout, I will finish sewing this one up. 

15 Min to Stitch Report:

To Do Tuesday:

  • Finish the first barnyard top
  • Finish the second barnyard top
  • Design and sew my Garden Row
  • Cut and begin piecing the column sashing for my Arizona quilt.
  • Finish assembly of my Alaska quilt
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  1. I hope your large extended family will be ok, so many having problems it seems - stay save, quilt and keep calling to your relatives they need it don't they

  2. The world does like it's upside down. Hope all turns out well for you and your family.

  3. I'm sure will get there in the end. Thinking of you and your daughter daily.

  4. This quilt is SO ADORABLE ! I am making masks too. Everything else is on hold. I feel like I'm always behind.

  5. Love your quilt - I vote for the purple! And hang in there with all the craziness as you're not alone

  6. Hello! E I E I O! I love the name, and I just spent the day singing that song to our two littles. We really get into Old McDonald around here these days. Nice, nice, NICE job on nearly finishing up your old UFO. I'll add you to my prayers. Stay healthy and safe, and thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. You've got a great vision for the Barnyard quilt. Any option is going to look great. It has been a very strange time. Most are worried and stressed, without the outlet of spending time with friends and family. Hope you can get in some good sanity stitching and stay well.

  8. Love your quilt. Good luck.
    It is truly a crazy world we are in right now. David and Marie both have granddchildren who are having to change wedding plans, David, Dorine, and Marie had grandsons come home last week, Paul has been in the hospital and now is in rehab, and I can only talk to him on the phone. He fell on Tuesday night and his blood pressure was out of control again and he couldn't walk. He is doing better this morning, so we are hoping he can come home soon.
    Best of luck with your sweet daughter and her babies. So hard!!!

  9. I love the idea of making two barnyard quilts. You should always go with what your gut is telling you, and it was telling you to make two! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

    Yes, the world is crazy but I'm feeling like we'll all get through this.


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