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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Yes, I am still sewing AND 15 minutes to stitch report

I have been missing from blogland once again.  I have been sewing the past few weeks though.  

I made pillows out of leftover turkey blocks.

My daughter visited that day and made herself several pillow covers as well.  I decided that her fabric matched my couch perfectly.

Here is the quilt I had extra blocks from.  It ended in November looking like this.

It now looks like this.  I still need to hand applique' the border down and add stars where the swoops come together.

Here are some Fall quilts I hung out in November.  I don't know why I think I needed another one.  I do love Buggy Barn patterns though.

I have also been painting and changing up the house some.  I got rid of the piano in the corner...

and replaced it with a cabinet I had to stain.  I love it!  It will be a great storage place for my quilts.

Here are some Christmas quilts I have placed around the house...

My friend, Linda Johnson, made the little red tree.

Buggy Barn Santa and Reindeer is a favorite!

Reverse applique' Mary and baby Jesus quilt I made many many years ago.

Another quilt made for me by Linda Johnson.

An embroidery quilt made for me by Faye Torgeson.

My sliced quilt I finally finished and quilted this year.  The sliced center was made by myself and three other women.

A couple of months ago I made these cute bags out of Singer Sewing Machine Fabric.

I also painted a room.  I had to paint the mirror white to match the dresser.  The shelf will also become white when I get a chance.

I painted a small bathroom cabinet blue.  I LOVE IT!

I have had some great family times!  The grandchildren visited my parents home and got to ride the miniature horses.  They loved it!

Below is my son and two grand babies.

My daughter, son, and grand daughters are in this one.

The little ones just love the animals.

We got a new grandson in July.  He is 5 months old now.

We have also been out rock crawling in the jeep a few times.

At Thanksgiving we spent a night at my sister's cabin and got a ton of snow.  We sledded behind the truck most of the way home.  It was a great memory!

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Here is my 15 minutes to stitch report.  I was at 80% until mid July, so I have obviously backed way off the past few months.  I hope to do better next year.

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  1. Wonderful post. The swoops, as you call them, on the fall quilt, are wonderful. They really add to the overall festiveness (probably not a word) I love how you painted the hinges white for the blue cabinet. Or, were you able to find white hardware! Anyway, it looks great.

  2. Merry Christmas! Your house is so beautiful, with your fall and holiday quilts. The swoop border really adds a lot to your turkey quilt.

  3. Love seeing all your photos. You definitely have been busy. The rock crawling looks so scary but fun at the same time. My brothers are here and they loved seeing the photos. You have a beautiful home. Merry Christmas and happy and safe festive season.

  4. You've been busy doing fun stuff. Lots of great photos. Hope you can get back to regular stitching now that the holiday is over.

  5. So many wonderful holiday quilts! Thank you for sharing them on Wednesday Wait Loss. We've missed you!

  6. You have certainly put your time to good use! Painting and remodeling takes up so much time. I love seeing the quilts hanging. Love, love the sliced finish!

    The little ones are so cute. Five months already? Where does the time go?

    Have a wonderful 2020!

  7. your house and your quilts are so warm and inviting!! and then you show us the babies... heart melt, and that jeep - Oh my gosh - that looks like SO SO much fun!!!!


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