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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

15 Minutes to Stitch...slow week

I did get my 15 minutes to stitch in last week, but this week is moving slow.  I knew I would only have a couple nights to accomplish much anyway but then I lost 4 1/2 hours last night unexpectedly.  For someone who works full time, that is a lot of time to lose in an evening.

Last week I almost missed a day, but I thought ahead and took some hand work to the salon.  I did hand applique' while my hair was processing.  Fifteen minutes can be easily found with a little bit of pre-planning.  This weekend I'll be hiking.  I plan to take that same hand work for the evenings.

I have two more NYB blocks completed, more of Jasmine, and a good start on my "memory round robin".  Out of the two blocks shown below, I really favor the top one.  The colors make it very striking in person.

I have the blocks on the sides and top row all sized by width.  I just need to calculate the height to fit the middle.  I would have had them attached, another NYB ring done, and another Jasmine piece if I could have stayed home last night. 

I will be fitting all the blocks so the large octogon block in in the center.

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  1. Those NY blocks are just stunning!!

  2. Wow! The NYB blocks are stunning! That's going to be amazing. And the other project is really super ccute :)

  3. Like how the octagon is growing.

  4. The New York Beauty blocks are gorgeous! You've been making good progress on all your projects. Hope this week is better on the stitching front then last week was. Thanks for linking up with the 15 Minutes to Stitch.

  5. Time can get lost so easily. I love the new NYB blocks. That dotty fabric in the points is so pretty.

  6. Your NYB blocks are looking spectacular! The 15 minutes per day goal is a good one, something I should try to do. And not just for sewing, either -- I'll bet that if I was disciplined about spending 15 minutes per day learning my way around this new Mac computer I would be up to speed in no time! I didn't realize how different it would be switching over from Windows to Apple again after so many years! Hunting for my files in the computer and getting mad that the mouse doesn't work the way I expect it to is eating up valuable sewing time! :-)


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