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Thursday, May 10, 2018

15 min to stitch and To Do Tuesday

I came home from work yesterday to a crew on my roof and an angry husband.  The roofers did a pretty crappy job.  Hubby used to roof houses for a living while we were in college many years ago.  He is a perfectionist, but chose to hire it out because he is super busy and wanted to alleviate some stress.  Well, he ran a few morning errands and returned to find that the roofing crew had put the ice and sheeting right over the top of old nails that were left on the roof, some even turned point up.  We are talking lots and lots of nails, not just a few.  Isn't it a no brainer that you clean off all of the nails and debree BEFORE you roof?  He used to run a flat shovel over the roof to check for anything poking up before starting the roof.  It was a sloppy job!  On top of that he asked the foreman to have the workers put any metal pieces in a separate pile from the big dumpster we brought in so he can take it to the scrap metal yard.  He came home to a dumpster full of metal and whatever else mixed together.  What's more is he pulled it all out of the dumpster, went inside, and came back out to it having been put back into the dumpster.  The workers do not speak English so he could not communicate with them. On top of all that I came home to a huge hole in my hall ceiling.  When they removed the roof air conditioner, they ripped a huge hole in my sheet rock ceiling.  I can now see clear up into the rafters, insulation and all.  It was a mess.  My husband said they damaged the roof supports and tried to hide it when he came up on the roof.  He tore up what they were doing and had to fix the problem himself to insure that the roof was properly supporting the house.  

We will see what today brings.  

As for last week's progress, I worked very hard but didn't get it all done.  No worries because at least I made progress and a lot of it.  
Here is my 15 min to stitch report:

Past week:  6 out of 7
This month: 5 out of 6
This year:  102 out of 126
80% again

Last week's To Do Tuesday update:
1. Finish the April section of Pieceful Country
2. Finish my son's Bear Paw Log Cabin Quilt 
3.  Begin quilting Christmas Log Cabin
4. Put my family mystery quilt on the frames for basting
5. Piece one house block for my Sliced Quilt
6. Applique' the bears on my log cabin quilt.

Two out of 6 is still 2 done.

This week's To Do Tuesday:
1.  Applique' the bears on my log cabin quilt
2. Piece one house for my Sliced Quilt
3. Baste Justin's Bear Cabin Quilt
4. Put my family mystery quilt on the frames for basting
5.  Begin quilting Christmas Log Cabin
6. Plan and kit one of my family round robin quilts
7.  Make three bags for Mother's Day gifts
8.  Help my daughter kit her round robin quilt

I have the goats cut out from the "Udder-ly Crazy" pattern book by Janet Nesbitt.  I think he is prettty cute.  Her patterns are so much fun to make.  You can see the pigs and dogs in my previous post.  I didn't get a picture of the cows before I packed them up to send to the next person in our group.  She will be getting these goats too.

I have sewn a TON but don't have photos to show yet.

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Have a great week!


  1. so sorry to hear of the mess of your roof - that sounds like they sure didn't know what they were doing. We had our roof redone last fall and it looks great - but then had septic work done 3 weeks ago and they have to come back out on Friday and see what they did wrong - because we have septic water on the surface in one area!! what the heck -- hope your roof and ceiling will be ok

  2. Oh my what a mess! So sorry to hear that the roofers were so bad. Kinda a nightmare of mine. So lucky your husband has the skills to fix the problem. I'd be sitting in my living room in the rain.

    Love, love the idea of a funky farm quilt. This goat is wonderful! Thanks for sharing it on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  3. What a disaster! It is terrible to hire the job out when you know how it is supposed to be done, but then to have it turn out like that is a real nightmare. I hope he can get them to do it right.

    I'm glad to see that the cute funky animals can give you a bit of joy during it all.

  4. It is very stressful getting others to do your jobs. We have had the same trouble here.
    Cute goats. It's going to be a fun quilt.

  5. What a mess! So sorry about the roofing crew. It's so hard to find people who know what they are doing and care enough to do it anymore. Congrats on all the stitching last week. Hope this week was even better.

  6. OMG! We would have had a cow if that happened here. Hate to say it, but it just reinforces our desire to do our own work. I hope this all works out in the end.

  7. Oh, that is so frustrating! My husband is getting up there in age and really hates to hire out work because he believes no one cares as much as he does to get the job done right. But he is finding that his eyes aren't as good as they used to be, and he isn't as flexible as he once was at 69 years old. This is exactly the kind of thing he worries about happening too! I'm glad your husband had experience and knew what to look for so he could catch the sloppy work right away! I'm just sorry for the hassle you both have to deal with because of their shoddy workmanship.

  8. Ohhh my heart cries out to you and your hubby, after getting a roofer in to save time its going to cost him even more time by the sounds of things, plus he is going to have to redo and check every thing him self now. I will keep my fingers crossed that it does not rain till after he is able to repair every thing him self. Hope tomorrow brings a better day for you both. Hugs Glenda


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