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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Deana is joining "Sweet Land of Liberty"

Ok, another new start for 2018 happened last night.  It was completely unplanned.  Sunday night I was browsing blogland and came across this wonderful Americana quilt.  What really caught my attention was the discovery that it is a quilt-along with no pattern.  You kind of make it up as you go following Humble Quilt's measurement guidelines and samples.  I LOVE THIS KIND OF STUFF!  My creative side kept spinning doughnuts.

I went to my day job on Monday (I am a teacher) and returned home heading straight to my sewing room to gather fabric for this quilt.  I was a little discouraged to find that my stash is completely lacking in reds and blues.  I don't want to purchase any fabric for this project, so I thought I was out, I mean, you can't make an Americana quilt without blues and reds.  As I browsed my stash boxes, I realized that I had quite a lot of small pieces left from my Dear Jane quilt.  A lightbulb went off in my head as I thought,  "I can make this quilt without a focus on stars and stripes."  I'll just put flowers where there are stars and other miner adjustments.  I think I am going to call this one "Pieceful Country". 

I did a complete improv. job on the basket just winging it as I sewed and cut, sewed and cut.  It still needs a bird.  The letters "USA" just don't fit my country quilt so I made more applique' flowers to go on those blocks instead.  As for the house, I chose a Crabapple Hill embroidery pattern that I had in the house.  It is traced onto a slightly larger piece and will be trued once the embroidery work is complete.  I plan to try the crayon/iron method on this block.  That will be a first for me.     This cute little house came from the hocuspocusville pattern.  Even though it is meant to be a Halloween house, I LOVE IT and feel it is perfect for this quilt.

I have only traced the pattern - no crayons or embroidery started.

 Below is a more clear picture of the house pattern.  I removed any "witchy" things.

Well, that is a long explanation as to why my quilt will look so different from everyone else's.  I hope they will still let me participate in the group.

I am linking up with Humble Quilts' "Sweet Land of Liberty" group.

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Jo said...

Love your thought process. It's good to see different ideas

Cathy said...

I love the fabrics you are using. The house is a pleasant surprise. So glad you joined in on the fun. Hugs

Lynette said...

LOVE what you're doing with this!! The basket turned out so pretty. You're right about that house being the perfect stitchery to go along. You didn't even have to change much, did you?

Robin said...

I love how you are really making this quilt in your own style. It is going to be so lovely. Adapting the embroidery of the house is genius. I'm going to enjoy watching your progress.

jann said...

What a great idea! Love your house and basket..I'm so interested to see how you progress!

France Nadeau ❅ inspiration imagination creation said...

Yours flowers are beautifuls. This will be a quilt perfect for Spring!
I'm glad you removed some words from the supposedly French name. The French is terrible. But using only the word "Boutique" makes it totally right. 👍🏻

Lori said...

Love your creativity! Of course you can jump in!

Anonymous said...

I like your version! I think this is completely within the guidelines of the project.