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Saturday, December 30, 2017

2017 in Review!

It was a great year at my house!  Between family activities, the day to day stuff, and quilting, I am pleased with how it all went.

I always try to do a year in review on my quilting.  It is mostly for me as a record, but feel free to read along.  Those who are avid followers have already seen it throughout the year.

First off, I got my first two wonderful grand babies.  Meet Ira and Arie.  It has been such a joy to see my daughters as mothers.  I love watching how much they truly enjoy motherhood.  

Below is Newborn Ira

He is a little cowboy!

This is 5 month Ira.

Here is newborn Arie.

This one is 4 month Arie with her mommy.

I have enjoyed weekly email correspondence with my son who is serving a church mission in Germany. I can't wait for July 2018 when he returns from his two years of serving the German people.  I also have two quilt tops I want to make for him before his return and another ready to quilt.

I completed 9 quilt tops this year.

I feel most achieved in completing my Dear Jane.  It has been 7 1/2 years since I started it.  Dear Jane is such a major project!  It is half basted.

The Christmas Log Cabin quilt has been 4 years.  I thought it would never get done!  It is basted and I have started quilting it.
The other three were quilted and are in the quilted list:  Priceless Quilt for Theresa, jeeps, and cowboy.

I quilted 6 tops for myself and 10 for others.  Wow, I hope this year the tables turn with more of mine.

I just had to make baby quilts for my grands.  The little guy will be around horses and dogs his whole life.  The little girls family likes to go jeeping in Moab.  Her mother wanted a girly jeep quilt for her crib.
The Flowering Snowball was a Stashbee quilt.  I LOVE it!  These blocks came from all over the world.  I did make more than half of them.

Out of this group of quilts, the Snowman Embroidery is my most accomplished.  It took several years of hand embroidery at my son's wrestling tournaments to finish it. I thought I would never do a hand embroidered quilt again because of the hours and hours involved, but another Crab Apple Hill pattern is really calling to me.  I actually have two Christmas ones I want to make as well as a Halloween one.

Other people's:
With the exception of three, all of the quilts below I was deeply involved in besides  quilting them.  They were family round robins of which I sewed 1/5 of.  Mom's Medallion below was not a family round robin but I designed the quilt.  There are many wonderful memories with family in the quilts on this list.

Tracy's quilt below is my favorite quilting I achieved this year!  I was just very pleased with how it turned out.

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Loris said...

Beautiful parade of quilts! Congratulations on your sweet grand babies. Adorable pictures of them.

Chris said...

You must feel quite accomplished with so many completed quilts. They are all beautiful. Incredible how the first two look so different using the same pattern.

Jo said...

A fantastic year of sewing. And the grandies make it even better..

Crafty Ashley B said...

Gorgeous! And those babies are beautiful! Congrats!

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Yes your grand babies are simply adorable!!! Man, you got a lot done! Beautiful projects!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

gorgeous grandbabies....awesome finishes

The Joyful Quilter said...

Looks like an all around great year. Congratulations!!

Lynette said...

It was so fun to see these gathered all together here. :) SUPER CUTE grands!!