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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Deana's 2nd Q 2017 finish-along goals

Thank you 2017 Finish-Along for the incentive to get things done.  I have made a list of goals for 2nd quarter which are a little outrageous, but the rules said to aim high and there are no penalties for not finishing something on the list.

Here goes...

Quilt and bind the following quilts:

Mom's Quilter's Garden - This one needs a final border and a tiny bit of applique' finished on it.  Mom made it but I designed it as part of a swap group a few years back.  Mine is not quilted yet either.

JoAnn's Sunbonnet Sue - it is on the frames and ready to baste.

Felicity's green/blue stars - it is basted and ready to quilt.

TJ's Wedding Quilt - I don't have a photo of this one yet.  It will be delivered to me in two weeks to be quilted.  I am doing it for my nephew's wedding.

Star Crazy - it is basted and ready to quilt.

Jodi's Lattice 
Snowman Embroidery

The last one on my list is just a pile of fabric and a vision in my head for now.  My daughter is getting a baby girl and the baby shower is the end of May.  She wants a "born to crawl" quilt with jeeps in girl colors.  They are big into rock crawling in jeeps in Moab, Utah.  Here is a photo of the fabrics I have selected in the nursery colors:  purple, grey, and turquoise.  I have also included some "jeep ideas" I found on Pinterest.


  1. It looks as if you know very well where you want to go with your man lovely projects. Good luck tackling your projects the next quarter.

  2. ...many, not man... many lovely projects =)

  3. Nothing wrong with aiming high! You'll certainly be busy with that little lot. Have fun and thank you for linking up with FAL.

  4. Lots of fun projects to work on this quarter. The jeep baby quilt is going to be a lot of fun. Good luck with all your plans for 2nd quarter.

  5. I love both those star quilts - traditional and modern (Felicity's). Beautiful work.
    We used to own a Jeep for many, many years. It was such fun to drive - except on the freeway with the canvas top on as you couldn't hear yourself think for the vibrating fabric!


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