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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Deana: 17 for 2017 with FINAL UPDATE!

Yay! I love all of the wonderful groups and linkies offered in the wonderful quilting blog community every year.  I am joining 17 for 2017 this year.  That means to make SIGNIFICANT PROGRESS on 17 projects this year.  That doesn't mean you have to finish them, but I hope to finish several this year.  I do have some projects that are so big and time consuming that I can only hope to make significant progress on them.  It is either that or work ONLY on them all year ha ha.  I am a person who gets bored on the same project.  I am typically feeding several projects through the machine at a time.

Isn't it sad that I have more than 17 quilts that need to be finished?  In my defense, I do have 10 tops that I am quilting for others that really aren't mine, but I feel like they are mine because I either designed or helped to sew many of them.

I also wanted to apologize for my readers for duplicating so many quilt photos on this blog lately as I am creating specific posts for different online groups, but the quilts are the same.  Thanks for reading anyway.

I am linking up with the final 17for2017.

1.  Block Lotto Quilt - I won this quilt in 2016.  It was my first ever Block Lotto winning and I just love it!  I hope to at least get some borders on it and put it into the "to be quilted" pile.

Top Done!

2.  Periwinkle - This one just needs borders, quilted, and bound.  It was a family round robin that my sister put together for me.  Each year my two sisters, mom, and two sisters-in-law purchase fabric and select a design for a family member.  We cut it all out and make it into monthly kits.  Each month we pass the around so everyone works on them.  We always make sure an entire finished top makes it home to the owner at the end.  My sister Tracy created it for me.

Top done!

3.  Dear Jane - I have 2 1/2 rows left to get the middle blocks done.

Top done!

4.  Mystery Country - This is a mystery quilt I designed and did with my family  in 2016.  It is close to done, but I cannot reveal it all yet until the other group members catch up.  I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Top Done!

5.  Jodi's Lattice - I designed this one for my sister and still want to make myself one.  This was also a family round robin quilt.

Quilted and Bound!

6.  Star Crazy - This one is also mine and needs quilted and bound.

Quilted and Bound!

7.  Mystery Brights Quilt - This is a second mystery quilt I started out of the same pattern as #4 above.  Still can't show too much.

Top Done!

8.  Sliced Quilt Challenge - This was one of the first group projects I ever did.  Each of us selected a picture to recreate, blew it up to the size we wanted our quilt to be, sliced it 6 ways, and gave each slice to a group member to recreate.  One lady in the group never did my slice so it is the one that is not done.  No worries.  She and I are close friends and I love her.

So, my mind has pondered a bit on how I want to finish up this project.  I think I want it to end up rectangular.  I was browsing quilt blogs and found the perfect border for it (I think).  I found that Janeen at Quilt Art Designs has designed the perfect edition to my little quilt.  She has created a landscape quiltalong, but the row I want is the last one, so I may have to wait awhile to buy the pattern.  
Circle completed!

9.  Quilted Barns - this is a quilt I designed as I went along.  I hope to add a few more blocks.  Each block is pretty intense, so I will consider that good progress.

Not touched at all this year!

10.  Tracy's Columns - I need to quilt if for my sister Tracy.

Quilted and Delivered to Tracy!

11.  Felicity's stars designed by Tracy - I need to quilt this for Felicity.

Quilted and Delivered to Felicity!

12.  Jessi's Medallion - I need to quilt this for Mom.  I designed it and have made two of them and still want to make another for my son.  

Quilted and Delivered to Mom!

13.  Felicity's blue sparkle stars - I need to quilt this for Felicity.  This was a family round robin quilt.

Quilted and Delivered to Felicity!

14.  Spider Web - I need to quilt this for Felicity.  This was also a family round robin quilt.

Quilted and Delivered to Felicity!

15.  Christmas Log Cabin - This is a lovely log cabin quilt out of Christmas fabrics.  It is really very close to done and only needs a 17 on 2017 challege to finish the top at least.

Top done, basted, quilting is started!

16.  Jodi's Chevron - I need to quilt this for my sister, Jodi.

Quilted and Delivered to Jodi!

17.  Storm & Sea - This one is mine and it needs quilted and bound.
Quilted and Bound!

I am linking up with 


  1. cant wait to see SLICED QUILT CHALLENGE finished

  2. All I can say is Wow!!! They are all spectacular! I love the sliced quilt as it's so different. I may have to try that sometime. How large is that sliced quilt measure? You are sure off to a roaring start on the new year.

  3. WOWWWWWWW and WOW again!!!!!! so much eye candy here to see and really study, they are mind blowing, do you have a long arm machine as you are quilting so many other peoples quilts in this challenge?????? love love that idea of slicing a picture then sharing the making of it in to a quilt, gives such a lovely glazed effect. Cheers Glenda

  4. Lots of wonderful projects there to keep you busy - and entertained. Thank you so much for joining in and can't wait to see how they all progress.

  5. This post is mind blowing indeed! :) And so many gorgeous original designs. I am in awe :)


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