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Monday, March 14, 2016

Deana & Lyn: Dad's Horse Quilt

Mom and I got together a couple of years ago and each made a horse quilt.  Mine was given to my son and has silhouettes of him in the border.  Mom's is for Dad and I am helping her with the silhouettes.  It is pretty full because Dad has a long life involving horses. 

Below are pictures of Dad's quilt in progress.  The white figurines are paper patterns and will be black fabric when the quilt is finished.

This quilt has been fun as my dad, son, and husband have all given their opinion.  I was receiving emails and texts from my sisters and sisters-in-law just yesterday as I gathered photos of all Dad's grandchildren.  All 21 of them are featured somewhere on the quilt.

I love the cut out of my son when he was very young looking up at his pony, Scout.  Now he is nearly 19 and off to Germany this summer for a two year church mission.  I am going to miss him so much!

Here is a photo of my son's finished horse quilt.

Mom does not like to do machine applique' so I am doing that for her.  In trade, she  finished the hand quilting on my Dorinda quilt.  I had it close to done but took it off the frames and replaced it with a quilt that had a deadline.  It sat for many years and she really wanted me to finish it.  Hence, we traded work.

Below is a photo of my Dorinda Quilt that Mom finished for me.  This quilt has an extensive story and history and led to the birth of this blog.

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  1. What a beautiful and meaningful quilt! That is so cool that the cutouts are his family. Such a thoughtful detail.

  2. How lovely to share so much with your mum and family. All those sillhouettes are lovely...

  3. Lovely quilts with family love. I also like your Dorinda quilt. Very pretty.

  4. That is absolutely amazing. I rode growing up and worked at a stable, and though it has been many years since I had horses, I would love to be able to create a quilt like that. Fantastic!

  5. THAT!!! IS A STUNNING QUILT!! I am yelling - becuase I love it so much! What an amazing gift and a treasure!!!! Thanks for showing us!!

  6. I never tire of looking at your horse quilts. So gorgeous. And how fantastic that father and son have the same. I think this is a hint at how close your family is. :-)
    And your finished Dorinda Quilt has a fresh and romantic look that I love. Everything about it is beautiful: the appliqués, the background, the color mix. Superb!

  7. Your horse quilts are exquisite! How fortunate the guys are to receive these gifts of love!

  8. Your horse quilts are exquisite! How fortunate the guys are to receive these gifts of love!

  9. Oh I LOVE the silhouettes on your Dad's quilt. They will be so fun when complete. And I am glad to see your Dorinda quilt done. You both did such a nice job on both sets of quilts. I am sure your Dad will cherish his horse quilt. Give them both my love!!

  10. Iam really liking that horse quilt

  11. The horse quilts are absolutely beautiful!


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