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Monday, January 18, 2016

Deana: Design Wall Monday

Hello blogland!

I am moving along quite slow this 2016, but moving forward I am.  Today is a holiday and I spent it driving over the mountain for my grandmother's funeral.  She was 98 years old.  I am so lucky to have been loved by her.  She will be missed, but anyone who is 98 years old is ready to move on I'm sure.  I am also sure that there is a great reunion on the other side of the veil where loved ones have greeted her.  When you live to be her age, most of the people you have loved are on the other side anyway.

Well, I have two projects on my design wall.  My Block Lotto winnings are there to remind me to get that quilt put together.  

Dear Jane is also up in hopes of being inspired to finish three blocks a month this year.  That should get all the center blocks completed.

I have also made much progress on Joann's quilt.  I was hopeful I would have it done so I could take it to her at the funeral (we live 3+ hours away).  I didn't make it, but that is ok.

Finally, I want to show the fabric my daughter bought me for Christmas.  I just love it.  On the left side is a background fabric piece I got for half off at a local shop.  I just can never pass off background fabric because you ALWAYS need some.  It will not be in the same quilt with my other new pieces, but I wanted to photograph them together to save time.

I am linking up with BOM's away, Main Crush Monday, Monday Making, Freemotion Maveriks, and Design Wall Monday.


  1. What a lot of work you've done this week! You should be proud. And your Dear Jane certainly deserves a finish. It's so lovely so far.

    I'm sorry though to hear of your grandmother's passing. It's never easy to say goodbye to the ones who've loved us, but as you say, she has a great reward awaiting her. She lives on I bet in your quilting, which is lovely.

  2. I'm very sorry for your loss. Grandmother's are special, and it is difficult when we lose them. But, as you say, there are many people waiting to welcome her.

    Your DJ quilt is lovely - it will be finished before you know it! :) Thanks for linking to MCM - have a great week!

  3. Deana, your year has had so many peaks and valleys that I am sure you must be ready for a nice, long peaceful stretch. So sorry for your loss. You are right: your Grandmother is in a better place, but we who are still here will always miss our grandmothers once they pass on.
    Looks like you are making amazing progress on DJ and that block lotto quilt looks great too!

  4. Regardless of their age or the great lives we know they have had, losing a grandmother is tough. I am going to be at a loss when my 89-year-old granny is eventually taken by dementia. I hope your family is ok and had a good chance to reminisce at the funeral.

  5. Your quilt blocks are coming along nicely. The colors are interesting. I would not have thought all of them would mix so nicely, but they are really attractive.
    I had hoped to make the trek over the mountain to the funeral, but my car is acting up and the snow was discouraging. She lived a long and busy life. I am sure the reunion on the other side was wonderful. I am sure Bud was happy to see her again.
    Hope this is the end of your crazy time and life settles back to normal. Love you

    1. Thanks so much Ann. It has been a crazy year.

  6. So sorry to hear of your grandmother's passing.

    Both sets of blocks are stunning, though very different styles.

  7. Oooo - look at the quilting on Joann's quilt - so pretty! I'm so sorry about your grandmother. You're probably right about being ready to leave at that age, but it's still a loss. LOVE the block lotto winnings. That was a nice catch. :)

  8. Hello Deana,

    So sorry to hear about your grandmother, but also delighted to hear that she had such a long life in which to love and be loved by her family and friends.

    The quilting on Joann's quilt is truly wonderful. Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv


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