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Friday, November 27, 2015

Deana: family round robin quilts revealed

Did you all have a happy Thanksgiving?  I did.  On Thanksgiving evening my sisters, mom, and I gathered for our quilt reveal.  We have been working on them since June and passing them around but we did not know which one was ours.  It is so fun!

This year Felicity picked the "inspiration fabric".  We all had to order some and use it in the quilt.  Is is one of the blues in this quilt below.

My sister, Jodi, planned this quilt for Mom. 

Mom planned this quilt for Jodi.  I got to help in the planning on this one.  Mom and I went to a quilt show together and fell in love with this pattern.  Mom cut it all out and sent it to the first person and then decided she wanted to add the sunrise border.  The sunrise border is a pattern from the Block Lotto that I made and Mom fell in love with.  Mom, who hates to paper piece, paper pieced all the the sunrise blocks and hand appliqued the center half circles.  She also did all of the applique'.  The other group members had no knowledge of the applique' section or the final border so it was fun to show it at the reveal.  My job was to assemble the applique' corners onto the quilt, do all the curved piecing on the sunrise blocks, and finish up with borders.

Here is a better photo I took from home before I left.

Becky and Felicity ended up planning quilts for each other.  Becky did this one for Felicity.

This is the one Felicity organized for Becky.

Yay!  My sister Tracy did this wonderful, bright, batik quilt for me.  I LOVE Batiks!

I am on the left and she is on the right.  

I designed this quilt for Tracy.  She has all boys so I thought a woodsy, masculine quilt would be fitting.

At my son's first wrestling tournament of the season this year I finished the applique' on these four Dear Jane Blocks.  I need to get some more prepped for the wrestling season which will last until February.
Here are my Dear Jane blocks next to my Block Lotto Blocks.  The Lotto blocks are 9" so you can see how small Dear Jane is.

Here is a peak at a couple of quilts from our past round robin.  Becky finished the borders on her Windmill quilt I designed for her.  She asked me to quilt it for her - yay! I am so excited!

Here is the quilt Becky created for me in the last Round Robin.  I have the borders on and it is ready to quilt as well.  I can't even wait to get quilting on my new machine again.

Here are some links to past family round robins if you are interested in seeing them.

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  1. What beautiful quilts!! I love them all!! You have some talented quilters in your family!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Sandra B

  2. You are so lucky that your family enjoys quilting too.
    Can you explain how you set up your plan and who designs for who. If none of you know what you are working on and who it is for

  3. OHB what fabulaous talent in your family and what fun!!! What an awesome tradition. ENJOY!!!

  4. I can see the family resemblance between you and your sister.
    This seems like a fun family project. Do you each draw one name and make a top for that person?

  5. WOW, the family round robin quilts all turned out so beautiful!!!


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