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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Deana: FREE row quilt QAL coming in July!

Hello to all of my quilt friends in blogland!  Thank you for all of your comments, encouragement, and support through the years.

The Quilter's Garden Mystery Row project was such a success that I am going to host another one that is similar.  This time it won't be much of a mystery.  I need to recreate pdf patterns for the three row quilts shown below and need your encouragement to get them done.  Let me know if you are interested in making one of them and which one or which ones (plural) you want to make.  Just leave a comment or shoot me an email.  I will choose the group "favorite" or possibly two of them for the FREE QAL.  


1.  Participants will be required to make at least one block from the pattern each month.

2.  Participants will have to post a picture of the finished block to my DODmystery blog OR email me a picture for me to post for them.

3.  If a block is made by midnight the last day of the month, the participant will get the next month's pattern for free.  If not, they will have an unfinished quilt or will have to purchase the pattern in my Craftsy or Etsy shop.

4.  Late comers will be welcome, but they will have to purchase any patterns they have missed.  The pattern is free ONLY for the month it is hosted.

SPECIAL NOTE:  I reserve the right to change some of the rows from the photos shown.  Some rows may be replaced with patterns that I feel are cuter or simpler to make.  There are a couple that need some improvements.

Don't care for row quilts?  That is ok.  You are only required to make the month's block.  You can do anything with it you wish.

That's it!  This time we are not swapping, so make your quilt any colors you want.

Here are your choices:

Spring Row Quilt

Autumn Row Quilt

Americana Row Quilt

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  1. Deana, FINALLY i think I can QAL with you! At least one block's worth each month, but hopefully the whole quilt!
    You might remember that I Loved your Americana quilt... so that is my vote, but they all are super!

  2. I think that all 3 are amazing, but I think I like the Spring one best

  3. My vote is for the Autumn one or the Americana quilt. I love fall but the Americana one is also cute. I would love either one.

  4. My vote is for Autumn quilt.

  5. Please include me, I vote for the Spring quilt but they are all lovely

  6. The spring quilt gets my vote.

  7. All three of them are lovely and I will make whichever one(s) you choose. Guess, however, that if I have to choose I would go with the spring quilt.

    Linda Terry

  8. I LOVE row quilts! I have been collecting beautiful autumn fabrics which have been stashed away, waiting for quilting time for me. I vote for the autumn quilt first and second vote for the lovely spring quilt.

  9. I would have to vote for your Autumn Quilt! I love that turkey and the barns, especially. But all three quilts are just beautiful and fun!

  10. Hands down for me is the Spring quilt! Love them all though!

  11. They are all cute, buy I vote for the Americana.

  12. Love the soft colors of the spring quilt. Hugs from Canada.

  13. I was hoping you would give us a longer break but hey, I'm in. Favorites in order:
    Choice #1-Harvest
    #3 Spring


    PS. The Harvest and the Anericana are "must have for me". I love them all though. I haven't seen one of many, many quilts that I didn't like.

  14. Your row quilts are beautiful! I particularly like the Spring quilt (though I'm not sure if I'll participate, but I can at least admire everyone else's progress!).

  15. I personally have never done a row quilt, but would love to do all three. I'm sooo in :)These are so beautiful!

  16. Love them all but the spring and Americana are my favorite. I would love to see a winter one.

  17. Perfect timing!!! As I too CAN join in...i vote for the Autumn QAL!!! (Can I vote for it twice? THAT's how much I love it!!)

  18. These are so or cute! I wish I could sew along, but I'm traveling all summer.

  19. These are so or cute! I wish I could sew along, but I'm traveling all summer.

  20. I am happy to do the autumn one... did I miss the sewing one?? Can I get it on your pattern page? I want to be signed up to do the autumn one this year
    Thanks a lot girl!
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color
    leeannaquilts at gmail dot com

  21. Hi. I got a strange email saying I was part of a "Spring Row Quilt Along"(that I had no idea about and I'm sure I would remember agreeing to do a QAL) on the "DOD Mystery Blog". It seemed suspicious so I didn't click any links and instead typed DOD mystery blog in Google. What came up looks like a proper blog at first glance. There are many of your photos on it. I am wondering if it is a legitimate blog? Or if someone has copied images off your blog and created a fake blog? The email came from "DQ". I googled "Deana's Designs" because that watermark was on the photos and found your blog here (and I remember visiting on SMS giveaway day). I just wanted to let you know about this because it seems like this DOD Mystery Blog is fake and has copied your blog.

  22. Oh, my, but all of your quilts are adorable. I think, however, that I am partial to your Spring Row quilt and would love to participate in your QAL. Thanks for sharing your talents


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