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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Deana: Val's Tuesday Archives - Patchwork

Today at Val's Tuesday Archives the topic is "Patchwork Quilts".  Now, I think that could include a large variety of definitions.  I am showing these quilts today in the "Patchwork" category because these were all made from orphan  blocks.  An orphan block is a poor little quilt block that will never find a home into a finished quilt. They are often discarded because the project got "boring" or they were too imperfect to use in a nice quilt.    

At the Utah State Quilt Guild's annual meeting, members are asked to donate their orphans for their annual "orphan night".   The orphan blocks are sorted by color into groups.  Some people even donate fabric that they don't intend to ever use.  During the "orphan night" activity, quilters come with their friends or join a new group of friends that night to sew together a pile of color coordinated blocks into a quilt top.  It often takes all night.  The only rule is that you have to "finish" the top.  I have to admit that some of the best times I have ever had with quilt friends was staying up late, laughing, and sewing orphan quilts. 

Everyone who donates an orphan block gets their name in a drawing for each block they donate.  Also, those who sew the orphan quilts together get their name in the drawing for each hour they spend sewing the quilt tops.  Well, one year I hit the jack pot and won several of these orphan quilt tops.  I think it is because I donated over a hundred blocks.

I now have these orphan quilts all finished and bound.  I think they have character.

Pastel grouped orphan quilt...

Autumn colored orphan quilt...
 Blocks orphan quilt...  This one is wall quilt size.
 30s prints orphan quilt...  This is a long, skinny quilt.  I put it on my kitchen table in the spring.

These orphans are linking up with Val's Quilting Studio.

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  1. Some don't look so orphan. They look great

  2. I love these. You're right, they have so much character.

  3. These all look wonderful. My favorite is the last one.

  4. Those are great! This is the kind of thing I do for American Heroes - lots of orphans live here until I unite them and send them off to Washington. I really do like the one with all the stars, too.


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