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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Deana: Stash Bee Strings

I am involved in my first ever Stash Bee.  It is February and time for my second month.  We are making strings for Cyndi this month in bright colors on solid white background. 

I finished two blocks and have a good start on 8 blocks for Cyndi this month.  That is what happens when you think the instructions say 1 9" square instead of ONE 9" square.  Yes, I cut my white squares 19".  When I went to the fabric store to buy the solid white fabric I thought, "Why didn't she have us cut 18" so we could just buy a half yard?"  I think it is all very funny now and Cyndi will benefit from my confusion.  Here are two blocks she can cut out of my giant blocks:

If you see both blocks full scale you can see that she can add more strings and get 8 blocks total.  That is a super plus bonus - cool!

If I could live anywhere it would be in a place my family likes to visit often called the Bookcliffs.  It is a couple hour drive and then a two hour horse ride.  I would so enjoy a little cabin in there with lots of privacy.  I would like it better though with electricity and running water.



  1. Oh well. A little bonus, extra blocks, gotta be happy.
    Better than the other way round

  2. They look great! I had to reread the instructions about the sizes a couple of times too!

  3. I thought it read 19 inches for a minute too. I only figured it out from the scale of the coloured strips.

  4. LOL! I've also done something like that. Great blocks!

  5. That's too funny Deana. An easy mistake to make though and I'm sure she will appreciate the extra blockability!


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