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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Deana: Val's Tuesday Archives - Mystery Quilts

I have a few things to show today for Val's Tuesday Archives.  Today's archive theme is MYSTERY QUILTS!  Well I've got a few to talk about.

1.  First off is an oldie that I call my minis wall quilt.  I designed this mystery many years ago and my sister, sisters-in-law, Mom, and Mom's cousin all participated.  I gave them cutting instructions that all came from fat quarters.  I had them cut tiny little pieces and bag them with labels that made it hard to tell what blocks they would be making.  I think they thought I was CRAZY or they were for bagging up all those tiny little pieces.

Here is my finished quilt.  Those blocks are only about 10" square.  Check out that c r a z y double wedding ring.  That flying geese border took me FOREVER and held up this finish for many years.  I made them way too small.  I think they would have looked better larger and taken much less time.

2.  My second mystery to post about today is the famous Grand Illusion created by Bonnie Hunter.  I have my top done and ready to quilt.  I made some changes to the sashing to accommodate my fabric choices and I love how it turned out.

3.  I also created the Quilter's Garden Mystery that is very nearing completion.  I told the members the theme and that it would be a row quilt.  Other than that, they don't know what will become of the quilt until each month when a new row pattern is released.  We also swap a block each month.  There are about 30 wonderful ladies who are making it.  Check out their blocks at this link.

4. Next up is the 2011 DOD Mystery.  I hosted this mystery as well.  Each participant came up with their own theme for their quilt and submitted a "rule".  Each month I would draw a "rule" from the list and suggest a new technique to try such as hand applique', thread painting, paper piecing, etc...  I also gave each person a finished size for their piece.  

The quilt below is what I ended up with.  You can see some of the other quilts at this link:  2011 DOD Mystery

5. My wonderful sisters, sisters-in-law, and mother do a mystery quilt about twice a year.  We draw names and come up with a quilt for the person whose name we drew.  We pass the quilts around each month and add another row.  The mystery is "Whose quilt am I working on?" and "Which one is mine".  We sew the top together as we go so it is nearly finished when received.  Here are some quilts finished in July.  Mine is quilted now.

6. Finally is a mystery I began at Utah's Annual Quilt Meeting several years ago.  I plan to finish it this year and still don't know what I am making.  It must be pretty small though because there is not much fabric here.  Yeah, it is on my list of things to finish for 2015.

I am linking up with Let's Bee Social and WIP Wednesday.


  1. I just realized your barn quilt was a mystery quilt!! (I love that one sooo much) WHat an inspiring post!! You made me wish I had a group of quilty friends to retreat with. (SMILES!) I enjoyed your collection of mysteries all in one spot and am so glad you shared these with all of us at Tuesday ARchives!! Thank you!!:)V

  2. Hi Deana. I like your version of Grand Illusions.
    Your no. 5 family mystery....... Do you all end up with the same design quilt or are the quilts for each person that are being made at the same time different.
    Love your work

  3. It looks like you ladies have a wonderful and productive time. Thanks for showing your beautiful creations.

  4. Hey, wow! What a fun post full of fabulous work. I love your rendition of Grand Illusion - it showcases your super pretty star squares, and has very creative use of the checkerboards.

  5. So many lovely things on the go at once!

  6. Love!!! Are we really almost done with our mystery? That's kinda sad really. I'm having so much fun with it. You are so inspiring. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!


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