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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Deana: Grand Illusion top is DONE! Shimmer Braid Begins!

I worked hard all day - a day off for the holiday - and got it done!  I am pleased with it.  I have no idea when it will make it to the "quilting" list but at least the top and backing are ready.

I prefer rectangular quilts to square ones and thought I would end up having to make another row of blocks.  Since I was behind and didn't get all of the "parts" made, I decided to use the sashing parts that I had already pieced.  I did not care for them as sashing anyway, but they made a pretty nice border.  The quilt was plenty wide for me so I just added the pieced border parts (2 together actually) to the top and the bottom of the quilt.  After that I did a final round of the batik I had used in the blocks where the "yellow" fabric was intended to go.  I am pleased.  It looks SO MUCH BETTER in real life.

Thank you Bonnie Hunter for the pattern and than you Quilting Chick Cathy for getting me into this (ha ha).  Bonnie's quilt does look like an illusion but mine looks more like flowers.  I think I'll keep the name anyway because it is just stuck with the quilt.  My Grandchildren someday will certainly not get it.

FREE Shimmer Braid QAL begins today!  Go on over to Fort Worth Fabric Studio to get the yardage, specifics, and tutorial.  It's going to be FUN!

Have you heard of  Terri Swallow has created a wonderful site where you can find a variety of quiltalongs.  Here is the information she posted about Shimmer Braid.  You should go check out her site.

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  1. I like your Grand Illusion variation! Nicely done!

  2. Very nice. It does look great.
    I am so wanting to do the Quilt-a-long. I may have to rob the piggy bank.

  3. are so welcome!! I'd say we're even after the Quilter's Garden you roped me into but now you've got me wanting to start on the shimmer braid so I still owe you one!

    Your Grand Illusion is gorgeous. I'm still debating layouts for mine. Haven't decided if I'm going to stick with it or change it up yet.

  4. That is a "Grand" finish! Love what you did to make it your own. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This Grand Illusion was a lot of work! I also find the blocks look like flowers... Maybe your grandchildren will think that the illusion is to make triangles look like flowers...
    Now, I'm heading to your Shimmer Braid quilt along. :-)

  6. I really like your version of the Bonnie Hunter Mystery. I remember you being sceptical about your fabrics but they go together beautifully. Hurrying over to see the quilt along.

  7. It really looks great and it is wonderful that you were able to alter the plan to make it work for you.


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