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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Grand Illusion

I love mystery especially if the person designing it is a good designer.  I have absolutely NO BUSINESS starting another quilt but I just can't help myself.

Well, I have finally got my fabric picked out and am on board with the "Grand Illusion" Mystery by Bonnie K. Hunter.  It is supposed to be a scrap quilt which I LOVE, but I wanted to make this mystery quilt entirely from my stash.  I happen to have large pieces of fabric that fit the yardage requirements, so mine won't be so scrappy - darn.  

All of the fabrics I pulled from my stash are an odd sort that I really don't know what I would use them for.  I would have NEVER really put them together, but hay, this is a "use your stash" mystery.  I figure if I make a really ugly quilt, then at least it will keep me warm.  Honestly though, I think this pile of fabric has some potential together.

These are the fabrics I pulled.

Here they are again with the fabric I chose for my "light" as well as a large piece that I will use for the back.  The blue ones are really purple more like the above photo.  

The yellow is supposed to be all one fabric but I am a few inches short so I may have to use them both or make a smaller quilt.  I really prefer it without the birdhouse busy fabric.

The dark green piece on the far left is enough to do the back.  It won't be in the top at all.

I was told once that the best way to see contrast is to change your photo to black and white, so I did.  The large green leafy print is supposed to be darker than the purple prints.  I can see that it is not, so I will probably switch them and try to use only the lighter areas of the leafy green.  It also appears that the lighter purple is about the same shade as the green leaf print.   I think I will eliminate it entirely to keep better contrast.

Here is a start on my Part 2 Blocks.  I only made 30 so far and I need many more.  Also, I'm a week behind so I still have to do Part 1.  I am LOVING IT so far!  We shall see how much I still like it when I add that wild leafy green in Part 1.


  1. Yayayay!!! I almost feel like the friend that's a bad influence but I can't help it. I'm so glad you're playing along. And I'm really excited to see how your fabrics work out. The clue #2 parts you've done look lovely. :)

  2. WOW, who would have thought those pieces would go together. It will be fun to watch you put this one together!

  3. LOL! I'm in the same "have NO business starting another project" boat. :D LOVE your fabrics.

  4. Congrats on using ALL stash fabrics that you didn't know how to use ... I'm sure Bonnie would approve! Love how you've laid those parts out :)

  5. Love the fabric you picked for Bonnie's mystery! Looks wonderful already.

  6. It is pretty cool how all those disparate fabrics will end up looking great together in a scrappy quilt! Will be happily watching your progress on this one Deana.
    I love Bonnie Hunter's style and all her quilts. Hopefully someday I will be able to do one of her mysteries along with the rest of the Boniacs.

  7. I happen to love odd combinations of fabric so i will be back looking at your progress.

    The blue fabric with leaves looks like a fabric i have. It is really pretty but it bled terribly. I hope you haven't started yet and that you can still test it. Or that it is NOT the same fabric and that you'll be fine.

    Happy sewing !

  8. I mean started with that fabric obviously you have started the project doh me !

  9. So glad you're doing another project... I so too want to start this too. Still have to do your DOD blocks. My nana nap won over and I didn't get them done.
    Good luck
    Have fun.

  10. Every unit like this that I see has been arranged differently!


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