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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Deana: Quilting and my design wall

Hello blogland.  I have been quilting the horse quilt.  I can only get in an hour here and an hour there, so progress is slow.  You can see she is basted in the photo below. 

Here is a photo of the outline quilting I have completed so far.

Also, I received all of my beautiful blocks for my Quilter's Garden Swap.  I made only one of them below.  The others are from Linda, Phyllis, and Betty.  All three of these women are very intricate sewers.  I LOVE the blocks!

Here is my design wall with all of my BOM blocks for the Quilter's Garden.  This month was the flower blocks and you can see that I made several.

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  1. The horse quilt turned out wonderful. I have never basted, I pin my quilts. Is the basting a very large stitch or is it a special stitch? And do you take out the basting as you quilt much like taking out the pins?

  2. That is going to be one beautiful quilt when it is complete!
    Those spunky suns are very cute, too!

  3. You're doing really well for an hour here and there!

  4. Love all those blocks for Quilters Garden. This ironing blocks are SO CUTE!

  5. Your horse is amazing. And your irons are so cute . . . never thought I'd call an iron cute.

  6. accidentally hit the anonymous button below . . . oops. Your horse is amazing and the irons are so cute. Never thought I'd call an iron cute.

  7. Hey, I like those flowers added into the mix! That's going to be a fun one. And it's always nice to see pics of the progress on your horse quilt. :D

  8. Looking good Deana! It is interesting that you baste, versus pinning. I'm going to give that a try next time, since it is such an annoyance to remove the pins as you sew. Do you sew right over the basting thread?
    Love your work!


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