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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Deana: Val's Linky Party

I love to join in on Valerie's weekly linky party because it gives me the opportunity to look up old works.  Today's topic is "funny" quilts and Free Motion Quilting (FMQ).  I am still looking for an old photo of a funny quilt, but here are some snippets of my attempts at quilting.  

Below are some older quilts I did years ago.  This is an autumn one with turkeys, pilgrims, and leaves quilted in.

This is also my funny quilt story.  Years and years ago I took a class at the annual state guild convention on free style curved piecing.  I had taught classes that week and was exhausted.  I went to dinner that night and tried to give my curved piecing class away.  I remember announcing to the whole dining room that it was already paid for and they could just go in my place.  My friends got quite a chuckle out of me.  Well, in the end I went to the class and had a blast.  I learned so much and just could not stop making curves.  I ended up with this quilt and then did some designing with the technique as well.  My friends like to tease me about that class I tried to give away.

The monster quilt also could count in the "funny" category.  It came out shortly after the movie, Monster's Inc.
I tried to quilt little monsters in my son's monster quilt.  He is 17 now and this was when he was in early elementary school.
 The full quilt to give you the effect of  why I quilted little monsters in.

 A winter scene on a winter quilt.

I quilted all of the following quilts in 2014.  My goal was one quilt a month and so far I am on schedule.

Bats and ghosts...
Spider Webs


  1. Wow... Your quilting is beautiful. All of them are well worth showing

  2. I love your monster quilt and quilting....and those spider webs are wayyyyy fun!!! Thanks for sharing and giving such a cool shout out for TUesday Archives!


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