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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Deana: Thursday Linkups

Where has the week gone?  Having Monday off was wonderful and sure helped to advance the week forward.

I finished another sewing machine for the Quilter's Garden BOM.  This little guy started out as green and brown, but I just did not like the busy brown print, so I replaced it with a plain turquoise/blue color.  I think this little machine is happy now. 

The problem with these machines is that I don't want to sew anything else.  I need to get a ton of hand applique done on the horse quilt this month and quilt two other quilts this month.  I am working pretty good, but those sewing machines beg me to sew them up.  I think I am just anxious to see them come alive.

Here is a photo of my horse project.  This is the center of what will be a queen sized quilt.  I want it done for Christmas 2014 as a gift to my son, so I have set up deadlines for each step of the way.  You probably cannot tell from the photo, but I am hand appliqueing down most of it.  There are some pieces that will be three dimensional on the mane.  I did that by fusing fabric to itself and then cutting out the ends.  It was a crazy thing to do time-wise but looks great.  The way the mane sticks up adds so much to the over all effect.

This is not my pattern - no way I could ever do an animal - but I am piecing everything around it from my own design.  This quilt will have a ton more hand applique such as 20 little circles and several silhouettes of horses and cowboys in the final border.  Wish me luck!

I have been busily machine quilting for Mom.  I am loving how it looks but not loving the process.  I am using a beautiful rainbow variegated thread (which Mom loves) but the Juki does not like rainbow threads.  It just keeps breaking and making the process pretty darn slow.  Ugh!   I love my Juki but it only likes good strong, healthy thread.  I may have to switch to my Bernina on this one.

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Kaja said...

I can see why you only want to do the sewing machines - the one you have here is so cute!

Lara B. said...

That's what I was's Thursday already?
Deana, your horse quilt is going to be a beautiful art quilt and also a labor of love!
Love that little sewing machine... Of course!

Lorna McMahon said...

That sewing machine block is simply adorable. Love the turquoise! And the horse looks more fabulous every time I see it. Lovely work, Deana!

Jo said...

All look amazing!