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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Deana: Windows (Block Lotto)

This month for the Block Lotto I made the maximum number of blocks - 9.  Sophie calls the block "Windows" and it is way fun to make and fast too.

 I misunderstood the rules and made several blocks with the wrong frame fabric.  The rule was to use a black and white FRAME fabric, meaning a fabric with BOTH black and white in it.  The following three blocks I made solid white.  I fixed them by cutting out 2" squares in freezer paper, pressing the waxy side to the windows, and then flicking black fabric paint over the frames.  It worked pretty slick and was much faster than picking and sewing or just recutting and sewing.

 The frog window block also had to be redone.  The photo below shows how it turned out, but the next photo shows how it started.  Personally, I like it much better in a  solid black frame, but I had to follow the rules.  I did not have any predominantly black fabric with small bits of white on it.  This one is kind of loud now, but you should have seen it before.  I actually dabbed black paint over the white flowers to dull the contrast.

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