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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Deana: Val's Quilting Studio - Flying Geese

The other theme for Val's Quilting Studio today is flying geese.  I have chosen two to show.

The first is my silo.  This quilt was made as part of the Daughters of Dorinda (DOD) 2011 Mystery Project.  Every person in the group submitted a rule and then we all decided on a theme for our own quilts.  My theme was "The Quilted Barn".  The second month's rule was to put flying geese in it.  Well, I decided to put flying geese in my silo.  They are very tiny, and there are two rows of them.  Can you see them?  I paper pieced the silo.

I also made very small flying geese in my mini quilt border.  They are 1" x 2" finished.  This was crazy.  I wish I had done them larger so I would have finished the quilt sooner.  I also think it would have looked better larger.


Anonymous said...

Love the tiny flying geese border! I think it looks good this way, though I can imagine how long it must have taken!

Jo said...

I love the work you have put into those flying geese blocks. That silo is great

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Oh my gosh, what beautiful work and I can't believe the size of your flying geese! The silo is fantastic!!

Moira said...

Still love that silo and your quilt from the mystery!