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Monday, June 23, 2014

Deana: progress

I was able to get four Dear Jane blocks done today and four blocks for the Block Lotto (paper pieced parts only).  Unfortunately, the Block Lotto blocks are all the wrong size so I can't use them.  The paper pieced pattern did not print to the right scale.  Oh well, perhaps I will make a wall hanging out of them and make more in this size to go with them.  They are pretty cute.

Dear Jane info left to right:
I3 Family Album has 21 pieces and is completely paper pieced.  It is my favorite block in this batch.

I8 Pete's Paintbox (brown with pink dots)  has 25 pieces and is paper pieced.

I9 Chase a Myth (orange and brown) has 42 pieces and is also paper pieced.

 I7 Mac and Muff is the brown one with the plus sign in the middle.  It is paper pieced and has 27 pieces.


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  1. They look good! I'm simultaneously awed and inspired that you count your pieces. Maybe I should try that. But a part of me thinks that if I do I might want to stop with the paper piecing madness :)


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