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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Deana's WIP Wednesday Progress

Yippee!  I made a bit of forward progress today.  I made three Dear Jane blocks.  My goal is 2 a week and I didn't get any done last week.  At least I got caught up this week.  They are SEW DARN CUTE!  The teaspoon emphasizes how small they are.

The following is my report on Dear Jane:

Total pieces:  1,940
Total hours:  75
Total minutes:  50

 G9 is called "Mary's Journey".  It has 33 pieces and took me an hour and 15 minutes to paper piece.  This one is my very favorite of the last four.  It went together slick too.

G-11 is called "Decisions, Decisions".  It has 25 pieces, was paper pieced, and took me 29 minutes.  I REALLY like this one, but I wish I ha strategically placed the red flowers in the yellow fabric.  Two blocks don't even have bits of red in them.  Oh well.  It is done now.

G-10 is called "Woven Meadow", took an hour and 1 minute, and has 39 pieces.  It was paper pieced.  It is a simple little block, but I think it is kind of cute.

I finished up G8 "Justin's Comet" yesterday.  It has 24 pieces and took me 50 minutes to paper piece.

And I made progress on the final 5 blocks in my Windmill quilt.  As you can see three still need the outside square attached ad the center circles.  The two with circles still need to be hand stitched on..  These blocks have been SO MUCH FUN to make.  They are addicting.  It's a good thing I have another quilt of them cut out and ready to go.

I am linking up with WOW at Esther's Block and Whip Wednesday  on Freshly Pieced tonight.


  1. Really like the values/contrast in the windmill quilt. Great job.

  2. Your blocks are so nice neat and beautiful too. I LOVE the windmill blocks!

  3. so many pieces in the little Dear Jane blocks; they are so pretty though and it will be a lovely quilt when you finish!! Your Windmills are beautiful too!!

  4. Your windmill blocks are gorgeous.

  5. I LOVE the windmill blocks I want to do that!!! I just think they look so great. Is there a pattern you are following or just doing?

  6. Those windmill blocks are not only catching wind, but my eye too! Very pretty!


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